Lifetime: Sleeping With Danger Cast, Release Date and Plot Explained

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Lifetime: Sleeping With Danger Cast, Release Date and Plot Explained

Lifetime has come up with yet another thriller crime movie, “Sleeping with Danger”. This movie is inspired by the famous crime author, Ann Rule’s collection “Mortal Danger and Other True Cases”. This Canadian thriller movie directed by David Weaver and written by Richard Blaney, Ann Rule, and Gregory Small, is one of the most awaited movies this year.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming movie on Lifetime, “Sleeping with danger”, including its cast, release date, and plot.

Sleeping with Danger Release date

“Sleeping with Danger” will be premiered on Lifetime channel on August 1, 2020.


According to the official synopsis for “Sleeping with Danger”, the movie is inspired by the true-crime collection of the famous author Ann Rule’s Mortal Danger and Other True Cases. When the flight attendant met Paul Carter, he was like a knight in shining armor and he swept her into a passionate love affair.

But her dream man and seemingly perfect romance quickly became her nightmare as Paul’s jealous rage ultimately leads to a brutal and violent attack. Fortunately, Grace was able to escape and save her life.

She goes into hiding. But Grace works with the police to bring Paul to justice because she fears for the life and the safety of other women that Paul might seduce.

Sleeping with Danger: Trailer

The official trailer of the Lifetime’s “Sleeping with Danger” is yet to be released. We will update you on this as soon as the trailer is released.

Sleeping with Danger Cast

There are many casts in this thriller movie Sleeping with Danger. The major casts are listed below.

Antonia Cupo as Paul Carter

Antonia Cupo is a 42 years old Candian actor who first starred in the movie ‘Hollywood Flies’ in 2005. Since then he has featured in many movies like ‘It Happened in LA’, ‘Anita B’, and ‘Body of Deceit’. He has also appeared in several Hallmark Channel’s original movies such as ‘Love at the Thanksgiving Day’, ‘I do I do I do’, ‘Parade’, ‘Hats Off to Christmas!’, ‘In My Dreams’, and ‘For Better or for Worse’. 

Elisabeth Rohm as Grace Tanner

Elisabeth Rohm is a 47 years old American-German actress. She is famous for portraying the role of  Kate Lockley in ‘Angel’ from 1999 to 2001. She has also appeared in ‘Law & Order’ from 2001 to 2005 as Serena Sotherlyn. Her other notable work in movies includes ‘American Hustle’, ‘Joy’, ‘Everlasting’, ‘Polaris’, and ‘Bombshell’. 

Veena Sood as Detective Brooks

Veena Sood is a Canadian actress popularly known for her role in the American television series, “The Killing”. This American-Canadian actress is of Indian (Punjabi) descent. She was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and immigrated with her family to Canada when she was 7 years old. Over the years, Veena has appeared in numerous movies, plays, and television series.

Alison Araya

Another friendly face that we are going to see in “Sleeping with danger” is Alison Araya. She is an Australian actress, costume designer, and writer. She is popularly known for her roles as officer Lopez in The Arrow (2012), and for essaying Ms. Weiss on The CW’s ‘Riverdale’(2017). She is also known for her role as Moll in ‘The Unseen’. 

Mike Dopud

Mike Dopud is also starring as a cast in this crime thriller movie on Lifetime. Mike is also a Canadian actor. He is best known for playing several supporting roles on television. He is also a stuntman and a former professional football player. He has done acting roles in television series like ‘Arctic Air’, ‘Cedar Cove’, ‘Arrow’, and many more.