How did Litsa Menounos Die? Everything On Maria Menounos Mom

How did Litsa Menounos Die? Everything On Maria Menounos Mom

Maria Menounos Mom Litsa Menounos death due to cancer shed tears in her family. Everything on Lista is discussed here.

Mrs. Menonouns was a well-known TV personality and Costume Designer based in the United States. She was popular for her role in Adventures of Serial Buddies, Chasing Menounos, and many more.

As of now, her demise has left the American entertainment industry bemoaning.

Litsa Menounos: Maria Menounos Mom

Maria Menounos Mom Litsa Menounos death was announced last night.

Mrs. Menounos’s daughter Maria is mourning over her beloved mother’s demise.

Litsa gave birth to her only daughter Maria in 1978. Maria is an eminent TV personality and entertainment reporter according to her Wikipedia bio.

However, the mother-daughter had an extraordinary bond and Maria is now scattered.

On Sunday, May 2nd, Maria herself announced her mother’s death to the public. She wrote an emotional Instagram post in which she said that God loves her mother so much that he took her on Greek-Easter day.

Her Age: How Old

Litsa Menounos’s age was 65 years when she died.

Her exact date of birth is unclear, however, as per our calculation, 1956 must be her birth year.

Her Husband: Family And Children Explored

Litsa was married to her husband Constantinos Menounos, as per IMDB.

They were a Greek immigrant who came to American in search of better opportunities.

Furthermore, speaking of her family, the pair were blessed with 2 children; Maria and Peter.

Currently, she was residing in Connecticut.

Litsa Cancer And Death Update

Litsa Menounos was diagnosed with Stage IV Brain Cancer in 2016.

Since then the TV personality was battling against the disease with the help of aggressive treatments and surgery. In 2017, her cancer was finally stable after the removal of a golf-sized tumor. But unfortunately, her cancerous tumor returned after 2 years.

Her daughter, Maria had claimed in one of her podcasts that her mother’s health began degrading since then and she was moved to hospice care. 

Unfortunately, Litsa lost her long battle with cancer on 1st May 2021, reported Yahoo News.

Finally, we pray that God will give Litsa’s family the strength they need to cope with the tragedy.



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