Who is Litzi Botello Husband? Family Details

Well, about Litzi Botello's husband, for now, we just know that he is a fisherman. Litzi hasn't mentioned her husband's name in the media. However, in her appearance in National Geographic, she has mentioned that she fell in love with her husband while she was 22 years of age and got married. Moreover, the robust woman has raised two sons with his husband, whose names are unknown as of now. Litzi Botello has been living an indigenous life in Alaska with her family ever since.

Litzi Botello Age And Wikipedia Bio

Born in the 1960s, Litzi Botello's age is 60 years old. Moreover, Litzi is widely known by people as a one-armed Mexican woman. She claims that having one arm doesn't set her limits to do or conquer anything. She is quite determined to anything that a two-armed person can do and has pretty much proved herself.  As for her Wikipedia, unfortunately, she hasn't got one until now. However, we have covered some early life information about Litzi here.  Litzi Botello is originally from Los Angeles County and was raised in a concrete jungle, which quite explains her wilderness. But, she has been living in Port Protection for 39 years and has been braving every challenge that comes her way.
Name Litzi Botello
Age 60 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Port Protector
Married/Single Married
Children Two sons

Some Fun Facts About Litzi Botello:

  1. Litzi Botello is a 60-year-old, one-armed woman who is determined to conquer everything that a two-armed person can.
  2. Litzi fell in love with a fisherman while she was 22 years of age, and gave birth to two sons, and living as a content family ever since.
  3. It has been almost forty years that Litzi has been living in Port Protection, facing every up and down.
  4. Litzi has been featured in Port Protection Alaska Tv Show, in National Geographic lately, with Gary Muehlberger, also known for his Port Protection work.
  5. Moreover, Litzi Botello has an American Nationality.