Logan Lisin Nationality

Logan Lisin is French as we can tell by his ethnicity based on his religion and caste.

Lisin was a part of an underground terrorist group. This also meant the leader would be keeping his close ones in danger.

To dilute the threat, he did not reveal any information about his family, biography, parents, and so on.

There is no true answer without confirmation as we can not make assumptions not to impose threats on others.

OAS Terrorist Head Logan Nisin Arrested: Is He In Prison?

Yes, Logan Lisin, the terrorist head of OAS is arrested and sentenced to prison for 9 years.

Technically, he is not in prison yet, as he was just prosecuted. But, he will be soon jailed in a secure facility.

Nisin was arrested along with five others and their sentences range from 5 years to 8 years among the entire group.

Logan Nisin and OSA Wikipedia: Origine Religion

Logan Nisin formed the group back in late 2016. The name of the group is a tribute to the previous terrorist group Organisation Armée Secrète.

The group Organisation Armée Secrète was active in the 60s, however, made a mark on the history of France.

The opinions of OSA is largely defined by religion and inclined towards French colonialism and nationalism.

Nisin was also the leader of the previous terrorist group Action Française. The original group first originated during the Algerian war.

If you are a history buff, you may want to visit the Wikipedia page of OSA.