Louis Jean Cormier Conjoint 2021

Loise Jean Cormier current conjointe is Rebecca Makonnen.

The lovely couple started dating back in 2017 and had been together since.

Though there was news of them dating, they rarely were spotted together back in the days.

Rebecca and Loius attended the 2020 ADISQ Awards, where Cormier won the Album of the Year- Adult Contemporary.

Besides being the love interest of the Canadian singer, she is also a renowned radio and television host.

On weekends, The 39-year-old host the morning show Circuit Makonnen at Espace Musique.

Louis Jean Cormier Separtion With Ex-Conjointe

Louis Jean Cormier started dating Rebecca Makonnen right after his separation with ex-conjointe Krista Simoneau.

The former partner of Louis was also his manager at the time they were together.

They are parents to two children together. Unfortunately, information about them is still unknown to date.

In 2016, they first announced their split to the public.

Krista is the founder and owner of an artist management and entertainment agency named Les Yeux boussoles.

The company has represented famous Canadian artists like Ariane Moffatt, Galaxie, CHnaces Cindy Bedard, and her ex-Lois Jean Cormier.

Louis Jean Cormier Net Worth

Louis Jean Cormier estimated net worth is $1.6 million, as per @networthpost.

However, this figure is not official as Louis has not publicly disclosed his assets and property to date.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has been part of the music industry for nearly two decades as of now.

Louis was a former band member of Karkwa's from 2002 to 2012.

The band still performs concerts all over Canada. Cormier has released three successful solo albums to date, which are all critically acclaimed.

The singer-songwriter is currently in a relationship with another celebrity, Rebecca Makonnen.