Love, Guaranteed Netflix Cast, Release Date and Trailer Explained

Love, Guaranteed Netflix Cast, Release Date and Trailer Explained

Romantic independent movies are taking on a whole new identity with the newest Netflix film  “Love, Guaranteed”, a modern twist on a rom-com. Starring some industry professionals, the new film is a highly anticipated movie taking on the mantle from various rom-coms before it. 

The movie is set to reignite the love in the fall of 2020, an intriguing plot coupled with an A-list cast is taking the genre to new levels. Other than the love story the film also offers an insight into modern dating sites and how they affect relationships. 

Love, Guaranteed Netflix Cast & Crew

While the film consists of a huge number of A-listers the main cast with the lead roles are 

  • Rachael Leigh Cook
  • Heather Graham
  • Damon Wayans Jr.

Damon Wayans Jr.

Comedic legend Damon Wayans Jr. takes this role in a romantic film stepping out of his comedic shoes. he has been active in show business since 1994 and has worked on a lot of films as well as TV shows, one of his most famous roles was as Coach on the hit sitcom New Girl.

He is part of the iconic Wayans family and has also collaborated with his siblings on various projects. Apart from this, he first came into prominence doing stand-up routines at various clubs. The star first broke ground in Hollywood in a feature film of his dad’s. 

Rachael Leigh Cook

Cook is a multitalented star who has experience as a model, producer, and actress. She first gained fame for appearing on a PSA discouraging the youth from using drugs where she destroys a whole kitchen with a frying pan. 

She came into acting around the same time Wayans did and she plays his love interest in the film. A stellar performance from the immensely talented Cook sets her character apart from most cheesy rom-com female leads that tend to follow a trope. 

Her repertoire of work also contains the likes of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children,  Robot Chicken, etc. 

Heather Graham

Former teen idol and heartthrob is also a welcome addition to the already talent-packed cast. Known for her alluring beauty and comedic roles, she has since taken a diverse amount of roles that focus on character rather than appearance. This has not stopped for appearing on various “most beautiful and sexiest” lists. 

She is a celebrity within the movie and her role is the counter to what Cook’s character portrays in the film. This is a nice pivot in the script and will surely please audiences. 

Love, Guaranteed Netflix: Plot And Premise 

The namesake of the movie is the site within it that claims to find love for anyone and not fail. In other words, it is love, guaranteed. This site is central to the story as it is what connects our lovebirds in the first place. 

Nick the character played by Wayans, is a charming fellow who wants to sue the dating site “love, guaranteed” because he did not find love from the site. he goes to Susan’s flaw firm which is on the verge of going under. She takes the case as she is in dire need of the money. 

They seem to click but try to remain professional and do not show the feelings they have for each other. The case becomes national news and the media starts hounding them all over, due to the high-profile nature of the lawsuit. 

As the case progresses it becomes hotter and hotter in the news, similarly, the feelings between Nick and Susan also become more apparent.  It is a classic case of will they won’t they, 

Love, Guaranteed Netflix: Release Date & Trailer

The film is being released globally on Netflix on September 3, 2020. 




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