Luke Falk Mom Is Missing- Everything To Know

Luke Falk Mom Is Missing- Everything To Know

Luke Falk mom, Analee Falk, has been missing since July 15. Was she found? Let’s find out.

Lucas Andrew Falk is an American football quarterback for the Saskatchenwan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League. Recently, however, he was suspended and thus, he doesn’t play for any of the teams.

Luke is currently in news after his mother, Analee Falk, went missing in Salt Lake City on Friday. Luke has been asking for help from people by posting to his social media as well the local news channels.

Is Analee Falk Missing?

Yes, Analee Falk is currently missing.

The mother of the former quarterback was last seen at the Twist Bar and Bistro in the downtown area in Salt Lake City. The news was made public by her son after he made multiple posts on Instagram as well as Twitter asking for help.

He wrote on Instagram, “Please help! My mom has been missing since last night and was last seen with my uncle Zach and Aunt Kara at Twist Bar and Bistro in downtown. Please contact me if you have seen her, heard from her, or have any other information.”

Luke further explained how his mother was wearing white pants and does not have a purse, cell phone or shoes on.

Analee Falk Age

Analee Falk age is not yet made public.

But, by the looks of it, it is safe to assume that she is in her 50s. Even Luke Falk didn’t reveal the age of his mother in his posts.

Her Husband And Family

Analee Falk’s husband is Mike Falk

Not much information is available on him as Luke Falk was always quite hushed about his personal life and parents.

Analee Falk has three children in total, out of which Luke Falk is the youngest. He has two older sisters; Alexa and Natalee.

Was Analee Falk Found?

As of July 18 2021, Analee Falk has not been found.

The Salt Lake Police is currently working on the case but they do not have any leads. Besides, her children and other family members are also working hard to get some information about her.

We hope they find her safe and sound soon.

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