Rumours: Lysa And Art Terkeurst Divorce 2021

Lysa and Art Terkeurst are still together and nowhere on getting a divorce.

TerKeurst shared her story on TCW and talked about her first abortion, which left her depressed.

Her father never showed her affection and care as she grew up in a dysfunctional environment.

As a result, the author fell for her now-husband, Art, whom she met in a Bible Study, in the hopes of filling the emotional void.

Are Lysa And Art Terkeurst Still Married Or Parted Ways?

Lysa and Art Tereurst are still married, according to sources.

However, this is their story:

The two began dating shortly after Lysa fell in love with his excellent looks and charisma.

Because of their common disputes, they were on the verge of cancelling their wedding multiple times.

They did, however, tie the knot, but the bliss was a long way off for the two.

As TerKeurst pointed out, the main reason their relationship was deteriorating was that they had never discussed their abortion since the beginning.

When she realized there was no chance for her broken relationship, the author began to consider divorce. However, she soon learned she was expecting a child.

The couple began interacting with one another more frequently after putting a lot of work into their relationship.

The tense atmosphere gradually dissipated.

They eventually saved their romance from drowning, and they've been married for more than two decades with three grandkids.

TerKeurst, who has written over 20 books, is content with her restored marriage and large family.