What Is Jeff Bezo’s Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Net Worth In 2020?

What Is Jeff Bezo’s Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Net Worth In 2020?

MacKenzie Scott is an American Novelist and venture Philanthropist but was most known for being the spouse of Multi-Billionaire Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin.

The couple divorced in July 2019 which made Mackenzie one of the richest women on the planet. She has since used that fortune to good use by donating to various charities.

Mackenzie is a philanthropist and has always wanted to help others and has donated over $5.8 Billion after her divorce from Jeff. Over the course of a year, she has donated to over 500 charities.

Quick Facts: What Is Jeff Bezo's Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Net Worth In 2020?

Name MacKenzie Scott
Birthday April 7, 1970
Age 50
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Novelist
Net Worth $58.8 Billion
Children Four
Divorce Jeff Bezos, July 2019
Twitter mackenziescott

10 Facts about Mackenzie Scott

  1. As of December 2020, Mackenzie Scott is estimated to have a net worth of over $58.8 Billion.
  2. According to her Wikipedia, In July 2020, Mackenzie announced that she has donated $1.7 Billion to 116 charities that deal with racial discrimination, LGBTQ+ equality, and climate change.
  3. As reported by The Guardian, Mackenzie has donated over $4 Billion in the last four months to 386 charities that help people to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Mackenzie Scott was born on April 7, 1950, in San Fransisco, California. Her maiden name is MacKenzie Tuttle, she went to Princeton University to get her bachelor’s degree in 1992.
  5. She has written and published two books; The Testing of Luther Albright(2005) and Traps(2013). Her first book received an American Best Book award in 2006.
  6. Although she is very popular there is currently no information available about her height and weight measurements.
  7. MacKenzie worked as an assistant of Jeff Bezos in 1992 when they both worked for D.E Shaw.
  8. The couple got married in 1993 and since then have adopted 4 children from China; three sons and one daughter. They got divorced in July 2019, MacKenzie received $38.6 Billion.
  9. The divorce made MacKenzie the third wealthiest woman in 2019 and one of the richest in the world overall.
  10. She was listed in Times Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2020.

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