Manfred Seyferth Age: 10 Facts On Madeleine McCann Suspect

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Manfred Seyferth Age: 10 Facts On Madeleine McCann Suspect

Who is Manfred Seyferth? The suspect of Madeleine McCann is the talk of the town in September of 2020.

The former partner of Christian Brueckner, Manfred Seyferth has given up Christian, who is the main suspect in the Madeleine McCann case. Madeleine McCann is the girl who disappeared back in 2007 from the hotel where she went on vacation with her parents. His former buddy in crime, Manfred, revealed that Christian is nicknamed ‘The Climber’.

Christian Brueckner is nicknamed The Climber because he is very good at breaking into homes and apartments, as per Seyferth. Christian is also famed as an infamous criminal who would break into other apartments and would take children. Christian was the prime suspect for the case of Madeleine’s disappearance but there was not sufficient evidence and his lawyer also suggested Christian not to speak with police about this case.

Name Manfred Seyferth
Age 64 years old
Gender Male
Profession Criminal

Now his partner, Manfred Seyferth is giving up all the detail on his former partner in crime. Find out lies to Manfred’s story here.

10 Facts on Manfred Seyferth

  1. Manfred is an infamous criminal who is best known as the partner of ‘The Climber’ a.k.a. Christian Brueckner. 
  2. To answer who is Manfred Seyferth, there’s not much revealed in the intent. He is a criminal convict and a partner of Brueckner, there’s not much revealed. 
  3. The detail of his birthday has not to be shared, still, media has revealed that Manfred Seyferth’s age as of September 2020 is 64 years old.
  4. If we are to give him a job title or a career profile, Manfred is a retired thug or thief now.
  5. He along with his partner Christian has looted several homes and apartments. As per Manfred, Christian could break into any tough houses or apartments, which earned him the nickname, ‘The Climber.’
  6. As revealed by Seyferth, Christian used to have young girlfriends during their days of robbery. However, he has not spilled the beans of his love life though.
  7. He is a German national and he appears to be of white ethnicity. 
  8. The detail on this German drifter’s arrest is not public yet.
  9. Drifter, Manfred Sesyferth has looted many. He could have made robbed a decent net worth during his days of youth.
  10. Obviously, he does not have a Wiki bio.

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