Maoi Roca Death Cause And Obituary: Here Is The Fact

As per the source it comes to that Maoi Roca was diagnosed with diabetes. Besides that, he also had been dealing with the complications for quite some time in his own personal life as well.

However, the former player Maoi had been hospitalized since late December of last year until his death which is almost two months as of now.

Likewise, his friends and well-wishers express heartfelt condolences to the dead soul and his family as well who are at a huge loss at the moment.

Life is uncertain though nobody knows what will happen in a minute or in an hour or in a day. Furthermore, Maoi was in the hospital for months ago, which is evidenced by a photo he has shared via social platforms.

Many of his fans and well-wishers wished for his speedy recovery, but he is no longer with us now. Until then he has won a lot of people's hearts whom he gets lots of msges and speedy recovery blessings as well.

What Happened To Maoi Roca?

By the fact, Maoi Roca was suffering from diabetes for which he is diagnosed for two months.  However, for the treatment purpose, he has been hospitalized for the past two months only because of diabetes.

As a result, diabetes is said to have been a major cause of his death and his family hasn't revealed any other thing that had happened to him as of now.

Therefore, all of his fans and well-wishers paid tribute to the former basketball player's family and the dead soul.

Maoi Roca Age & Wiki: A Look At His Background

Maoi Roca is currently the age of 47 years of age. Therefore, his exact date of birth hasn't been disclosed yet to the public.

Similarly, Maoi is not currently featured on his own official Wikipedia page but we can learn about his professional career from other online social platforms as well.

As a result, we are also unable to provide his parents with detail at this time. In fact, he is a private person who never shares or expressed his personal details publicly.