Who is 7.30 Presenter Mark Humphries? family Family Explored

Who is 7.30 Presenter Mark Humphries? family Family Explored

Mark Humphries Wikipedia may be missing for now. However, he is no strange face on the TV screen. Guess who his wife is.

Humphries is a writer and comedian. He is widely known as the resident satirist on ABC’s 7.30. 

Furthermore, he is best known for his work on The Roast (ABC2) and for contributing to panel shows on radios. The shows are A Rational Fear (Radio National) and That’ll Learn You. Here’s what we know about the presenter.

Mark Humphries Wikipedia 

Mark Humphries doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio for now.

Born in an Australian family, Humphries was no stranger to TV and media. Since his dad, Alan Humphries was a Weatherman on ABC.

Pursuing his dream to work in TV, he began his career as a standup comedian. Working for Pointless and The Feed as a comedian he became much experienced in doing comedic acts.

Humphries’ age is 36 years old as of March 2021.

He was born in Sydney in the year 1985 and has been celebrating his birthday on the 2nd of October. Astrologically, he belongs to the Libra group.

Mark Humphries Wife

Mark Humphries’ wife is Yulia Humphries.

Professionally, she is a business owner. 

According to his interview with The Australian, he met his wife in France when he was living in Bordeaux. She is a Russian lady.

From Mark’s tweet in late December 2019. We came to know that his wife has started a business selling woven tea towels.

Furthermore, the Humphries couple has a young son who is two years of age.

Humphries Net Worth

Mark Humphries’ net worth is out of seen for now.

However, as a famous presenter and media professional, he certainly earns a good salary.

Mark is well received over the Instagram platform. His handle name is “humphriesmark”.

Until today the presenter has more than 4.5k followers in his name.

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