Who Is Martina Ciontoli? Details To Know About Her

Who Is Martina Ciontoli? Details To Know About Her

People are searching for Martina Ciontoli Wikipedia and eta after she wrote a letter to the judges. She has spoken about the case almost after five years.

Martina Ciontoli is a woman who was subjected to Marco Vannini’s murder case. The murder took place five years ago in Ladispoli, Central Italy.

Marco Vannini was murdered that day, who was Martina’s boyfriend. The murderer was none other than her father, Antonio Ciontoli.

Martina Ciontoli Eta and Wikipedia

Martina age is 25 years old as of now.

She has mentioned her age in the recent letter she wrote to the judges of the Court of Cassation on May 3.

Furthermore, Martina Ciontoli Wikipedia has not been published. Meanwhile, we do not expect her Wikipedia as she is not a public figure.

She was professionally a nurse; however, petitions launched by the Nurse Times Website want Martina to be removed from the register. 

The girl was subjected to criminal proceedings, together with her family members.

Martina Ciontoli Boyfriend and Family

Martina Ciontoli was dating her boyfriend, Marco Vannini, until his death on May 18, 2015.

Marco lost his life at the age of 20 with a gunshot fired by his girlfriend’s father, Antonio. 

Following the horrific murder, Martina, along with her family, was subjected to criminal proceedings. 

Martina’s family consisted of Antonio Ciontoli (father), Maria Ciontoli (mother), and Feredico Ciontoli (brother).

Antonio was sentenced to 14 years for voluntary murder and manslaughter.

Whereas Maria and her two children (Martina and Federico) were sentenced to 9 years and 4 months respectively for anomalous complicity involuntary murder, reports Urban Post.

Vannini Murder Case Update 2021

Martina, a few months after the final sentence, returned to talk about that terrible night. 

People throughout the year have been describing Martina as a cold person as she was right there witnessing her father murder her boyfriend and bothered to do nothing.

Furthermore, instead of intervening to help Marco, she helped her father sidetrack the investigation.

But after all these years, she wrote a letter and expressed what she felt that horrific night.

The whole judicial case involving the family has come to an end on May 3, 2021, as per Baraonda news

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