Masterchef UK Winners: Where Are They Now In 2021?

Masterchef UK Winners: Where Are They Now In 2021?

MasterChef UK has been a household TV show in many homes. It has been on our TV screens for years and involves talented contestants.

This TV show plays a significant role in most of the winners’ lives. It has provided a vast platform for most winners to build professional careers.

It is no doubt that MasterChef UK is a highly competitive cooking show. 

Masterchef UK Winners: Where Are They Now In 2021?

Keep on reading to find out what MasterChef UK winners have been up to. I am pretty sure you will be amazed by how their careers have progressed.

1. Dhruv Baker – winner 2010

Dhruv Baker’s win in 2010 has not gone unrecognized. His dream came true after his win when he started working for the best UK kitchens.

This British chef has been a host on Waitrose TV and has participated in various roles in the cooking world. Dhruv owns a gastro pub called The Opened Jolly Gardeners.

He has published a cookbook by the name Spice: Layers of Flavor. Baker also writes for various publications.

2. Tim Anderson – winner 2011

Tim Anderson is an American-born chef who uses Japanese art when cooking. He was crowned the MasterChef UK winner in 2011.

After winning, Tim worked briefly for the Fat Duck and Le Gavroche. He went ahead to open a Japanese soul food restaurant named Nanban.

Tim’s restaurant is currently in Seven Dials Market, London, and Brixton. He has successfully published three cookbooks and planning for a 4th one by the end of 2021.

3. Shelina Permalloo – winner 2012

Upon becoming the top MasterChef in 2012, Shelina is quoted saying her life has since changed. The experience she received has made her becoming vocal about Mauritian cooking.

In 2013, Mauritian chef Shelina published the book Sunshine On A Plate. Two years later, she had another book titled The Sunshine Diet.

Shelina’s dream of owning a restaurant was fulfilled when she opened a food place termed Lakaz Maman. Apart from running the Mauritian food street food place, Shelina also caters for private dining events.

4. Natalie Coleman – winner 2013

Natalie is a Hackney, London, born chef. Through her MasterChef victory in 2013, Natalie has worked for notable UK restaurants such as the Le Gavroche.

In 2014, Natalie had published her cookbook named Winning Recipes: For Every Day. Currently, Natalie is the Executive at Inception Group that comes with a gin bar Mr Fogg’s. 

Before becoming a recognized MasterChef, Natalie was a techno DJ and credit controller.

5. Ping Coombes – winner 2014

2014 saw the winning of Malaysian born chef Ping Coombes in the MasterChef UK competition. Ping Coombes has appeared in various food festivals since her winning.

Ping has been involved in street food classes and worked at restaurants as Ping’s Pantry. Currently, Ping is the consultant chef of Ping Pan-Asian, in Selfridges, London.

She released her cookbook in 2016 titled Malaysia.

6. Simon Wood – winner 2015

A fierce competition declared Simon Wood the winner of MasterChef UK 2015 edition. After emerging victorious, Simon was made executive chef of Oldham Event Centre and Oldham Athletic FC.

As of now, British cook Simon has two Wood restaurants to his name. They are located in Cheltenham and Manchester and. 

Simon has also published a cookbook At Home With Simon Wood.

7. Jane Devonshire – winner 2016

2016 saw Jane Devonshire becoming the winner of MasterChef UK. Her career has progressed upwards and forwards ever since.

British chef Jane Devonshire opened a website where she talks about her culinary skills. She has also been on several cooking shows since her victory in 2016.

Jane has authored a cookbook titled Hassle Free Gluten Free. Aside from cooking, Jane is fully involved with cancer charities following a clearance of her ten years battle with cancer.

8. Saliha Mahmood Ahmed – winner 2017

It was pretty surprising when Watford-based doctor Saliha won the MasterChef edition of 2017. Though a doctor, it is evident that Saliha is a talented cook.

Due to her Pakistani heritage, Saliha has a passion for Indo-Persian recipes. Even after her victory, Saliha continued being a doctor to fulfil her dreams of working as a gastroenterologist.

In 2018, Saliha authored a cookbook, Khazana and later on released Foodology, a digestive health cookbook. She has also been a host of various cooking classes.

9. Kenny Tutt – winner 2018

After Kenny Tutt’s win of MasterChef in 2018, he resigned from his job as a banker. He wanted to focus more on being professional in the cooking industry.

Kenny Tutt was born in Worthing, West Sussex. He now practices British classics meals at a restaurant named the helm of Pitch.

He offers private catering and has hosted a live cooking food show. Kenny owns a food truck that serves the best food in Worthing.

10. Irini Tzortzoglou – winner 2019

The MasterChef 2019 edition comprised all females in the finals. Irini Tzortzoglou, a Greek-chef, proudly took the crown.

Right after her victory, Irini stepped down from her banking job in London. Even after moving to the Lake District in 2010, Irini had no plans of running a personal restaurant.

Irini has a cookbook, Under the Olive Tree: Recipes from My Greek Kitchen. This book is filled with simple recipes, mostly from her home country.

11. Thomas Frake – winner 2020 

Amateur British chef Thomas Banker was 2020’s MasterChef UK winner. He is a finance professional working as a London banker.

33-year-old Thomas Frake is skilled at cooking classic British dishes. He has made the famous braised ox cheek and monkfish scampi.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Thomas didn’t have the same celebrations as previous winners. He has, however, been invited as a guest during the 2021 Fantastic Food Festivals.


You now have an idea of what former MasterChef winners have been up to. Most of them have published cookbooks, while others opened restaurants.

Some have stepped down from their previous careers to focus on being professional chefs. You can agree with me that many of the MasterChef UK winners are incredibly successful.

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