Radio Canada: Mathieu Belhumeur Separation and Conjointe Details To Know

Radio Canada: Mathieu Belhumeur Separation and Conjointe Details To Know

The news of Mathieu Belhumeur Separation and Conjointe is breaking the internet. People are curious to know more about the topic. Stay with the article to find out more.

Mathieu Belhumeur is a journalist currently based in Montreal. He previously worked with RNC Media.

Mathieu Belhumeur has an IMDb profile, that states that he appeared in the TV series documentary, Faites enter l’accuse in 2017. It is a documentary crime show that revisits the major French criminal cases and so far has 246 episodes.

Mathieu Belhumeur Separation and Conjointe

Mathieu Belhumeur has not revealed any information about separation and conjointe from his wife.

Mathieu’s wife is Marie-Anne Lapierre, the daughter of late politician Jean Lapierre

Marie-Anne Lapierre works as a journalist at TVA Nouvelles. Neither Marie nor Mathieu have confirmed or denied any of the news about their divorce and separation to the media. Marie-Anne is active on Instagram with 1.2k followers and 13 posts. Lapierre mostly posts pictures of her children and family on the platform.

Belhumeur attended the funeral of Jean Lapierre with Marie-Anne Lapierre in April 2016. Jean passed away in 2016, due to a plane crash. Her step-mother, aunt, and two of her uncles also died in the plane crash.

Mathieu Belhumeur On Radio Canada: Details To Know

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mathieu Belhumeur is a journalist with Radio Canada.

Mathieu is not on Wikipedia, but one can read about his bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

However, Belhumeur is active on Twitter with 12.5k followers and 7.1k tweets. He was last active on the platform on December 16, 2020, where he retweeted a Radiojournal’s tweet. Mathieu’s Twitter bio gives out the details of his business email address.

Belhumeur’s Net Worth And Salary

Mathieu Belhumeur’s net worth is still under review.

Belhumeur rarely talks about the details of his salary and earnings to the media.

Mathieu might earn a hefty sum given his successful career in Radio Canada.

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