Matt McGorry Wife Or Gay Partner:

Matt McGorry doesn’t have a wife. As he has kept his personal life out of the public eye, details regarding his former relationships have not surfaced on the internet.

Incorrect rumors about McGorry’s sexual orientation have spread on the internet like a wildfire. While many fans have dubbed him gay, McGorry is actually straight. However, he has opened up about “experimenting” with boys when he was young.

Matt stated, “When I was young, like a lot of straight boys I experimented with other boys.”

The clip which has been making rounds on the internet is actually from an episode of ‘Man Enough’, a roundtable talk series. As various celebrities talked about it, Matt decided to share his story too.

Matt also said, “Like, physically experimenting. I don’t think it was sexual, and I am straight never found myself attracted to boys, but it’s just this thing where I — and I don’t need to go into the full details — but, you know, where you just try things.”

McGorry revealed why he had kept it a secret and how hiding it added to the feelings of shame.

Is Matt McGorry Married? Archive 81 Cast Relationship Explored

No, Matt McGorry is not married. As no news about him exchanging vows has surfaced on the internet, it is safe to conclude that McGorry is a Bachelor.

Moreover, fans are curious about Matt's significant other and are looking forward to meeting her. 

Matt might have not shared his real-life love story, but we do know about his on-screen romance. In the series, Orange Is The New Black, his love interest is Dayanara “Daya” Diaz.