Meet Jody Simpson And Tony Smith -Tony Hudgell Biological Parents

Tony is a seven-year-old kid from West Malling, Kent, who had both of his legs amputated after being abused by his biological parents, Jody Simpson and Tony Smith.

His biological parents were said to have swung him about by the legs so forcefully that they were fractured in eight places.

He was just 41 days old when his violent parents admitted him to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, including a permanently dislocated left hip, arthritis, deafness, and infections.

The infant had become grey, had saliva at the sides of his mouth, and his legs were swelled and rigid when he arrived at the hospital.

Tony's parents claimed his injuries were caused by a "horrible accident," but it was evident that his injuries would change his life, and doctors did not expect him to live.

Tony Hudgell: His Wiki and Story Explored

At four months, he was adopted by Paula and Mark Hudgell after being discharged from the hospital in February 2015.

His fingers and toes were shattered as a baby, and his leg ligaments were ripped.

He was kept untreated and in excruciating pain for ten days, resulting in severe damage that rendered him wheelchair-bound.

Details on Tony Hudgell Jail Sentence Explained

The maximum term for causing or enabling the death of a child would be increased from 14 years to life under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

The penalty for causing or enabling serious bodily damage will be increased from 10 to fourteen years.

In addition, there will be a 14-year sentence for cruelty.