Melanie Perkins Parents: Meet The Chief Executive Officer of Canva On Instagram

Melanie Perkins Parents: Meet The Chief Executive Officer of Canva On Instagram

The successful entreprenuer, Melanie Perkins has not talked about her parents on the internet. Read this article carefully to learn more about the businesswoman.

Melanie Perkins is a well-known businesswoman. She is one of Australia’s youngest and most successful female CEOs of a tech startup.

Sacred Heart College was Perkins’ alma mater. She was enthusiastic about business and bringing in money. She began selling her high-quality scarves at shops and marketplaces when she was 14 years old.

Melanie was accepted to Western Australia University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in correspondence, brain research, and marketing, but the executives left later.

Melanie Perkins Parents

There is not much data about her parents on the web as she has not openly revealed them.

Melanie was raised in Western Australia by her parents. She hasn’t revealed their identities. Her father, on the other hand, is of Sri Lankan and Filipino descent and is a specialist by profession.

Melanie’s mother, on the other hand, is Australian and worked as a teacher. Both of her parents backed her up in all of her endeavors.

Melanie Perkins Age

Melanie Perkins is 33-43 years old in real life.

In the background, there are details about her birthday. She is, nevertheless, an Australian resident with mixed ancestry. We will get back to you as soon as we get more data on the entrepreneur.

Melanie Perkins Net Worth

Melanie and Cliff have a combined net worth value of $7.98 billion in 2021.

Two or three people are among the top ten wealthiest Australians. In 2020, Perkins solely had $3.43 billion in total assets. She was named Forbes Top Under 30 of the Decade at the same period.

Furthermore, Perkins is Australia’s second most lavish lady.

Melanie Husband: Her House Wedding

Melanie’s husband’s name is Cliff Obrecht.

Initially, the pair met at college. They were so similar that they ended up cutting off a meaningful friendship. Fusion Books was founded in 2007 by Perkins and Obrecht, who collaborated on the project. Melanie is the author and chief, while Bluff is the overseeing chief.

Canva was established by the duo in 2012. It is now one of the largest visual depiction firms, with a $15 billion valuation. Melanie and Cliff were together for over ten years. Finally, in January of 2021, they were married in a lovely ceremony.

They have stated that they intend to donate the majority of their riches to charity.

Melanie Perkins Instagram

Melanie is not much active on the Instagram account.

She goes by the name @melaniecanva. However, she is seen mostly active on her Twitter account. She tweets a lot of things frequently.