Instagram Influencer And Bodybuilder Melissa Bumstead Has Been Arrested: Her Net Worth And More

Instagram Influencer And Bodybuilder Melissa Bumstead Has Been Arrested: Her Net Worth And More

Why Is Melissa Bumstead Arrested? Melissa Bumstead is arrested in a steroid case in Palm City. Read this article to know in detail about her and the case.

Melissa is a professional bodybuilder and heavy-weightlifter from Canada. She is also a well-known social media influencer with a huge fan following in her social media handles.

She is a bodybuilder who was placed 4th at the IFBB Vancouver Pro in 2016. 

She first stepped on the event in 2015 as a professional.

Later, she was reckoned as one of the many talents from Canada.

And, as an influencer, she uploads several motivational and helping posts on her Instagram, where she has more than 100k followers.

But, recently, she was arrested, and the news is making news on Twitter and Reddit. 

Why Is Melissa Bumstead Arrested?

Melissa Bumstead has been arrested in the steroid case. She is accused of receiving steroids illegally through the mail in Martin County.

The Sheriff’s Office of Martin County arrested her of Palm City.

As per the reports, agents with Customs and Border Protection found a package at a facility in Memphis on Sep. 1, which was mailed from Canada and forthcoming for Palm City.

The explicit for the package said it contained vitamins, massage oil, and a T-shirt. But, while searching the packages, multiple ampuls and packages of factory-sealed and tagged steroids and other medications were found.

Homeland Security Investigations became involved in the case. They worked with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to set up a controlled delivery to a home in Palm City where Bumstead lived.

She was released from the Martin County Jail on Sep. 11, as per the jail officer. But, her mugshot isn’t revealed and is kept up to the officials.

Find Her Net Worth

Melissa Bumstead’s actual net worth and earnings aren’t disclosed to the media and public.

She is a popular fitness model and also a successful entrepreneur and social media star. She has gradually risen in the industry and is motivating individuals through her journey. 

We estimate her net worth in the millions.

Melissa Bumstead Height: How Tall Is She?

Melissa Bumstead is a fitness junkie and professional bodybuilder. She has well maintained her physique and seems tall.

Not only is she famous for her perfect boot but also for her solid 6-packs to boot.

She follows hardcore exercise and weightlifting to maintain her body and eats protein-rich dietary food and stays dehydrated.

Her height is unknown, where she is 140 kg (308 pounds) in weight. 

The fitness model was born on Dec. 6, 1990, and her current age is 30 years old.

She is a Canadian by nationality.

Meet Her Boyfriend On Instagram

Melissa is yet to be married- so she doesn’t have a husband.

But, she has been in a very long relationship with her boyfriend, Iain Valliere, since 2012.

Iain is also a professional bodybuilder and an IFBB professional.

He is also in the 2018 IFBB’s Mr. Olympia competition in 14th place. Melissa was unknown what professional bodybuilding was, but Iain exposed her to the world of fitness. 

Melissa uploads several pictures with her partner on her Instagram.

She is dynamic as @melissabum on Instagram and has more than 103k followers to date.