Who is Twitch Streamer Mellstroy? Facts On Age, Real Name, Youtube, Assault

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Who is Twitch Streamer Mellstroy? Facts On Age, Real Name, Youtube, Assault

Who is Twitch Streamer Mellstroy? If you are into streaming sites, you will probably recognize him. All the way from Russia, Mellstroy is a Twitch streamer, blogger, and a Youtuber. He is mostly known for his prank and funny videos. Moreover, he has been streaming online games in recent days. 

However, the streamer is getting infamously popular after his last video went viral on Youtube. The video evidently showed him hitting a girl. The Youtuber is continuously smashing her head on a table in the video. In the aftermath, she had to go to the hospital. The victim, Enna Efrenova, is also a Youtube streamer, perhaps a little less popular than Mellstroy. Here are a few facts to know about the violent twitch streamer. 

Name Mellstroy
Age 20-25
Gender Male
Nationality Russian
Profession Streamer
Instagram @mellstroy
Youtube Mellstroy Streams

10 Facts on Mellstroy

  1. Mellstroy is a Russian Twitch streamer and Youtube blogger who is known for his funny videos and pranks. 
  2. However, his last video went viral where he was seen hitting a girl. 
  3. The streamer, Mellstroy, has not shared details about his age yet. Actually, he hasn’t made a statement until now. 
  4. His real name is Andrey Burim as per his Instagram bio. The streamer is popular for the name “Mellstroy.”
  5. Well not so popular in a good way now, is he? Mellstory was subjected to Youtube assault as his last video went viral on the platform. 
  6. The video clearly shows him smashing a girl’s head on a table several times. 
  7. If you are wondering, her name is Alena Elfremova and she is also a social media influencer. 
  8. Furthermore, Mellstory is best known for his youtube channel. He has gathered more than 650k subscribers. 
  9. Also, his Instagram handle is well decorated as well, with over 365k followers already. 
  10. After the incident, the Twitch most likely has banned his twitch account as it is nowhere to be found. 

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