Who is Michael Zeldin? Everything To Know On CNN Analyst

Who is Michael Zeldin? Everything To Know On CNN Analyst

Is Michael Zeldin On Wikipedia? Zeldin is a CNN legal analyst and attorney. Get to know his family details here.

He is a former principal from the Washington, D.C.-based company Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. He was the firm’s anti-money laundering and economic and trade sanctions practice’s global representative. 

Michael Zeldin Wikipedia: Is he on Wikipedia?

Michael Zeldin is not featured by Wikipedia right now.

Although we can find his short wiki on Harvard’s page.

During the 1992 presidential race, Mr. Zeldin worked as the Deputy Independent/Independent Counsel, probing charges of interfering with candidate Bill Clinton’s passport papers.

In 1976, he received his J.D. from George Washington University Law School, and in 1982, he received his LLM from Georgetown University Law Center. At Georgetown, Zeldin was an E. Barrett Prettyman Fellow. 

 Zeldin also worked as a Deputy Chief Counsel for the Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States House of Representatives October Surprise Task Force, where he investigated the circumstances involving the American hostages held in Iran under the Carter presidency.

Michael has covered the OJ Simpson murder trial and the Whitewater/Lewinsky investigation. Also, Clinton’s impeachment hearings, Gore v. Bush court challenges, and the Mueller Special Counsel investigation.

How old is Michael Zeldin? Age

Michael Zeldin is 60 years of age, he was born on May 12, 1951.

There is no info on his height, weight.

Zeldin’s Wife And Family: Is he married?

Michael Zeldin wife is Amy Rudnick.

He has a happy family with two children and happily married. Michael is the son of Beverly and Benjamin Zeldin.

Michael Zeldin Net Worth Explored

Michael Zeldin’s Net Worth is $9 million, he is rich and lives a lavish life, and we can assume he is a happy father and a good husband.

He is active on Twitter and except that he has no social media. On his Twitter, we can find him posting things related to his podcast and a lot of news relating to current affairs.


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