Michelle Greenidge Small Axe: Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Net Worth

Michelle Greenidge Small Axe: Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Net Worth

Michelle Greenidge is an actress who has shown impressive range in her movies and television, as well as theatre works. She has a natural talent for acting and has worked for years to sharpen that talent into a precise and tactful skill. As a result, she is considered one of the most wonderful character actors of her time.

Greenidge has been working tirelessly for a long time without thinking of fame or any other secondary things. The acting and living life as another person is what enthralls her and keeps her coming back for more. She is on the path to becoming a certified screen legend. Let’s delve deeper into her life now.

Quick Facts: Michelle Greenidge Small Axe: Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Net Worth

Name Michelle Greenidge
Birthday 1969
Age 51
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Actor
Married/Single Married
Instagram miche_greenidge

10 Facts On Michelle Greenidge

  1. Michelle Greenidge was born in the year 1969 according to this source on the internet. If we were to assume, she is currently 51 years old as of 2020.
  2. She was born and raised in England and that’s why her nationality is British.
  3. Michelle takes film, TV, or theatre with the same enthusiasm and delivers spontaneous beautiful performances in every role she gets to embody.
  4.  She is known for her work in the latest BBC mini-series called “Small Axe”. She has worked really hard for her role in the series as there were some preparations she had to do.
  5. We are unable to comment on her height because the info is just not available. She has a formidable presence on screen though.
  6. Michelle is married and she celebrated her 20th Anniversary with her husband by sharing this picture on her Instagram.
  7. Details about her net worth are still mysterious to the general public.
  8. She has an interest in politics as well and shares posts on her Instagram that are political.
  9. She has 583 followers on her Instagram account.
  10. Her IMDb has given her filmography and it is well worth your time to look at what she has done over the years.

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