Mike Recupero Salary And Net Worth: How Much Does GameStop CFO Earn?

Mike Recupero Salary And Net Worth: How Much Does GameStop CFO Earn?

What Is Mike Recupero Salary And Net Worth? Recupero salary might be in thousands of dollars. After all he is starting as the new CFO at GameStop.

Mike is appointed as the Chief Financial Officer at GameStop, a video game and gaming merchandise retailer.

He previously worked as the VP of Finance and CFO of the North America COnsumer at Amazon.

GameStop is changing its business methods to provide completion to Microsoft, Walmart, and Sony.

Mike Recupero Salary And Net Worth Details

Mike Recupero base salary as the CFO of GameStop is $200k.

He will also make millions in bonuses and will have restricted stock units.

Mike will earn $3.6 million in sign-on bonuses, reports Street Insider

Mike Recupero’s net worth might be in the millions as he has a successful career working for multiple companies.

Meet The New GameStop CFO

Mike Recupero’s first day at GameStop will be on July 12, 2021.

GameStop is trying to turn their business around, which is why they have hired many executives and former employees from Amazon, Google, and Chewy. 

Mike earned his degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1996.

He went to the Univerity of Washington and graduated with an MBA in 2005.

Recupero started his career with Koch Industries as a project manager and process engineer.

He also worked as a project manager at Hitachi Consulting from 1999 to 2003.

Is Mike Recupero On Wikipedia?

Mike Recupero is not on Wikipedia.

However, he has a LinkedIn profile that details his education and career history. 

Recupero’s age might be in the late 40s.

Mike has worked at Amazon for more than 17 years. He started as a senior financial analyst and then moved on to being a finance manager.

He also worked as the finance director VP Finance and CFO at Prime Video. 

As he prefers to keep his personal life away from the media, the details about his wife and family are currently private.

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