Who Is Milany Rosario? Eddie Rosario Wife

Milany Rosario is known for being the wife of Eddie Rosario as not much information about their marriage and their relationship history is revealed to the public in general.

They might have been married for 13 years.

Although, the couple are articulate regarding their connection, and the bond they share is very perceptible together through the online media stages.

Milany and Eddie together are happy parents of three children namely Milidi, Radialise and Lucas. 

Milany has a passion and respect for her partner which is reciprocal.

Milany Rosario Family And Children

Milany Rosario lives with her family and three children: Mileiddy 12 years, Raydieliz 9 years, and Lucas 6 years in Guayama, Puerto Rico along with her husband Eddie Rosario.

However, not much about her parents where they live have not been revealed on social media similarly to her other details.

Maybe she is keeping her parent's information private as she doesn't want any media to gaze and gossip to bother them.

Although she is living with her husband parents father Eddie Sr. and mother Maria happily.

Meet Milany Rosario On Instagram

Milany Rosario is active [email protected] milanycolon. She has 824 fans following her platform however her husband has 137k fans followers.

Hopefully, she might be gaining followers as she has now become the trending interest of people's minds.

She has many posts with her spouse and kids on her Instagram and is also available in her husband Instagram posts.

Moreover, she is invisible in other social media accounts.

Milany Rosario Age And Wikipedia Details

Milany Rosario age must lie in between 25 to 30 years by her appearance. However, her date of birth has not been revealed anywhere.

She celebrates her birthday constantly on March 26 along with her family members. As the post was featured in Eddie's Instagram profile.

Her husband Eddie is 30 years of age as he was born n 1991. His birthday falls every year on September 28.

Her profile has not been highlighted on the Wikipedia page but her name can be found in  Eddie Rosario's Wikipedia as the spouse of The Atlanta Braves Baseball Player.

Nevertheless, she moreover has not uncovered any information regarding her to normal society.

She seems to be really secretive about her personal life and her husband respect privacy.