MiłyPan Real Name And Net Worth: 10 Facts To Know

MiłyPan Real Name And Net Worth: 10 Facts To Know

Who is MiłyPan? MiłyPan is a Polish singer and musical artist. He is best known for his polish singles “Melanz” and “Lovesong.” The musical artist is considered to be one of the most significant figures in Polish pop culture at the moment. He rose to farm through social media uploading music on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Instagram even. 

Quick Facts: MiłyPan Real Name And Net Worth: 10 Facts To Know

Name MilyPan (Piotr Kolaczynski)
Age 24
Gender Male
Nationality Polish
Profession Singer
Instagram @najmilszypan
Youtube @MilyPan

Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, MiłyPan started his music career at the age of 17. As of now, he has his schedule full for the better part of the year. His songs on Youtube have accumulated millions of views already. Moreover, MiłyPan is also known as Nice Lord, which is also his stage name.

10 Facts on MiłyPan

  1. MiłyPan is a Polish singer and musical artist whose songs are mainly of the pop and Indie genre. 
  2. Courtesy of his recent popularity, MiłyPan has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography. 
  3. As for his age, MiłyPan is just 24 years old. His birthday is currently under review, 
  4. Moreover, he also goes by the name Nice Lord. However, the singer’s real name is Piotr Kołaczyński. 
  5. MiłyPan stands at a decent height. He has short black hair and brown eyes. 
  6. Moving on, the singer is yet to be married. MiłyPan is not spotted with anyone who can be implied as his girlfriend either. 
  7. You can follow MiłyPan on Instagram and Twitter. He has gathered more than 70k followers on Instagram. 
  8. Similarly, his songs on Youtube have received over 50 million views until now. 
  9. Despite this, MiłyPan’s net worth and financial status are yet to be determined. We will update them as soon as possible. 
  10. Furthermore, Nice Lord is a sensational artist who has revolutionized polish pop culture. You can find his bio on many web portal sites as well. 

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