15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Cardi B. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Cardi B. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

Cardi B is an international sensation. She is one of the leading rap artists of this century.

This Grammy winner has managed to win the hearts of many fans. Particularly the young generation.

There is so much about Cardi B you know nothing about. She is a Latina firecracker who amazes the world with her songs.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Cardi B. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

As a Cardi B fan, you may think all she shares on social media is all there is. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Brace yourself to learn some facts about Cardi B that you will find hard to believe.

1. Cardi B once a stripper

This will surprise many people. It is a fact that Cardi B was a stripper since she was 19.

She worked in a grocery store for a few years before joining a more lucrative money-making venture. She was an exotic dancing who was really good at it.

2. She cannot drive

Who would have ever thought Cardi B could not drive? Picture her garage full of supercars, yet she cannot drive even one.

Cardi B doesn’t have her license, and she doesn’t seem in a hurry to get it. She has drivers to do the work for her, for she has no driving skills.

3. Broke a guy’s nose 

Cardi is indeed full of trouble. She accidentally broke a guy’s nose when she sat on his face.

If she hadn’t put her entire body weight on the poor guy, his nose would have been still intact. The guy had to be rushed to the hospital for further treatment.

4. Insecure of her looks

With money, you can do absolutely anything. Cardi B is one of those individuals who have issues with their physique.

That prompted her to undergo plastic surgery severally. At 19, she got bigger boobs, then, later on, received butt injections.

5. She has a soft spot

Cardi is known for her backlash. This has made many people think that she has a tough heart and attitude.

That is not the case because, deep down, Cardi is quite soft. Although the negative comments affect her, she chooses to focus on the love she receives.

6. Married in their bedroom

Cardi B’s marriage to Offset was not a public affair. The two got married in 2017 secretly in their bedroom.

It seems they wanted an intimate wedding away from the spotlight they are constantly receiving. It is not until June 2018 that they got their marriage license.

7. Interest in politics

You will not many celebrities setting their time aside for politics. This is not the case with Cardi.

She has since met with Bernie Sanders to talk about policy matters. Cardi is also on record for applauding retired president Franklin D. Roosevelt for bringing forth the New Deal plan and Social Security program.

8. Cardi B, not her real name

The world knows this famous female rapper as Cardi B. Many people ask, is that her real name?

Well, no. Her birth name is Belcalis Almanzar. She is of Trinidadian/Dominican descent. 

9. Visit to the dentist

When fame started coming up in Cardi B’s life, she paid a visit to the dentist. She wanted her teeth fixed.

Cardi B invested some good money to acquire her new set of teeth. She can now smile as widely as she can because her teeth meet her expectations.

10. Cardi B’ pop idols

Cardi admits to idolizing and adoring Lady Gaga and Madonna. She has always loved their huge personalities and unique outfit choices.

The two celebrities have been Cardi’s pop idols for the longest time. She has borrowed a lot from them that she uses in her music career.

11. Shops from the Bronx

Who would have ever thought Cardi B would still be shocking from the Bronx after her huge success? Well, she still does and extremely happy about it.

Even though you will catch her wearing Gucci, Bronx remains in her heart. Shopping from her hometown gets her the dresses and sneakers she can identify with.

12. Love & Hip Hop brought her into the spotlight

You may know the TV reality show Love & Hip Hop quite well if you are into reality shows. When Cardi B joined the set, the world knew her, and she started gaining fame.

She rose to fame as a social media personality. Cardi B appeared on Love & Hip Hop for two seasons before ditching the show for music.

13. $500,000 engagement ring

Rapper, Offset proposed to Cardi B as they were performing in Philadelphia. In front of thousands of people, Offset got down on one knee and asked Cardi B to be his wife.

However, the $500,000 8-carat stunner with pink encrusted diamonds is what caused a frenzy. Honestly, he did the best thing of getting her not just any ring but the best one.

14. Cardi has drugged and robbed men

This is a shocker, to say the least. Cardi admits that during her stripper days, she used to drug men who wanted sex.

She often says she did all she did to survive. She is not perfect, and she never claims to be.

15. Cardi B comes from Bacardi

You may have wondered where Cardi B got her stage name from. Well, Cardi B is the short form for Bacardi.

We all know Bacardi the rum, and that is how everyone used to call her. So she chose to shorten the name to Cardi B.


Many people find Cardi B quite open and honest about her life. Nevertheless, that does not mean she doesn’t have stuff under her sleeve that the world does not know.

What you can be assured of is the best music from this female star. You may not like her music, but she is here to make the best out of her music career.

There is nothing to stand in the way of this sassy songstress. Keep watching the space for all that she will unveil in the future. 

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