15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Eminem. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Eminem. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

Eminem is one of the biggest rappers with a successful music career. He is best known for his controversial lyrics.

This superstar rapper is the definition of success and wealth. He has come from a very humble beginning while growing up.

As you listen to Eminem’s songs, you will learn that his life has been full of turbulence. He has since overcome most of the hardships by making it big in Hollywood.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Eminem. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

Eminem’s songs are a bit different from his fellow artists. This is because he uses his life experiences to make his lyrics.

His life has been indeed intriguing. You will learn some facts you never knew about this great artist.

1. Eminem’s mother sued him

Eminem’s lyrics got him in trouble with his mother. In his single, My Name Is, there is a line he says his mother smokes more dope than he does.

That line made him get sued by his mother for defamation. Though Eminem’s mother claimed $10 million for slander, she only received $1,600.

2. He took a job as a cook

For the star he is right now, it can be unbelievable to think that Eminem once worked as a cook. Well, he had to work as a short-order cook to support his mother.

Eminem took the job at Gilbert’s Lodge, which was a Michigan family restaurant. Unfortunately, five days before Christmas, poor Eminem got fired.

3. In a coma

Eminem got bullied a lot by African-American children because he was white. He grew up mainly in a black neighborhood that is why he got bullied a lot because they did not appreciate him being white.

At the age of 9, Eminem was hit in the head with an ice ball by his constant bully D’Angelo Bailey. That incident left Eminem in a coma for approximately ten days.

4. Grew up without a father

Every child needs both their parents when growing out to feel the love of them both. This was not the case with Eminem because his father left when he was two years.

Eminem holds a great grudge against his father, who never made an effort to contact him through the years. Eminem is quoted as saying he never wants to see him ever again.

5. He has adopted children

Apart from Eminem’s biological daughter that the world knows, he has two other daughters that he adopted. Though Alaina and Whitney are adopted, Eminem vies them as his own.

He wanted the two girls to have a stable life; hence he was ready to provide for them as a father. Eminem loves his children to bits.

6. LL Cool J book

Eminem is not a fan of books. In fact, he dreads reading.

Nevertheless, he has faithfully read LL Cool J’s book I Make My Own Rules severally. This is the only book Eminem has ever read which wasn’t read to him when he was a child.

7. Eminem has mentioned her daughter in 22 of his songs

Hailie Jade Scott, Eminem’s daughter, is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. He has mentioned her daughter in his 22 songs.

Eminem could be a lot of bad things, but when it comes to his daughter, he displays his best character. He has used her daughter’s voice a few times in his career.

If anything, he feels pride, appreciation, and love for his daughter.

8. Comic artist

Yes, you heard it right. Eminem wanted to become a comic artist before he knew how much talent he had in music.

Eminem was interested in comics because he was excellent at story-telling. Even in his music career, he has used various animated threads.

9. Slim Shady idea

I bet you have no idea where Eminem got the name Slim Shady from. Well, it was from the bathroom.

So, here goes Eminem doing his thing in the bathroom, and just like that, an idea hits him. He leaves the bathroom and starts working on the words to rhyme with Slim Shady.

10. Eminem is a workaholic

Dr. Dre terms Eminem as a workaholic person. He is Eminem’s mentor and producer, so he knows him pretty well.

He says Eminem overworks himself until he gets a track right. He never stops before he ensures the lyrics are perfect.

11. Elton John helped Eminem get clean

Your guess is as good as mine because, yes, somewhere down the line, Eminem gave in to his demons. He started abusing drugs.

When he felt that enough was enough, he called Elton John to help him get into a clean path. Elton walked with him for 18 months until he was on his two feet again drug-free.

12. Brush with the law

This famous rapper kept terrible company in his youth. He was arrested when he was 20 years for being involved in a drive-by shooting using a paintball gun. Who does that!

They got lucky with his friends because the alleged victim didn’t come to court. That is how the charges against him and his friends were dropped.

13. Different names, different personas

Eminem goes by different names. He has always used different names for different reasons.

He has been quoted stating that the different names stand for his different Personas. Slim describes his temper/anger, Eminem is the typical rapper, and at the end of the day, he is Marshall Mathers.

14. No to a sci-fi movie, Elysium

You may not Eminem as a famous rapper, but he is also a good actor. He was sought to star in the sci-fi movie, Elysium but he had a significant condition before accepting the role.

Eminem wanted for the movie to be filmed in Detroit, his hometown. The director could not hear of it; hence Matt Damon was handed the lead role.

15. Vast music vocabulary

In the music world, Eminem stands out for having an enormous music vocabulary. He has used an estimated 8,818 words so far.

Jay Z comes in second with 6,899, while the late Tupac Shakur had 6,569. Kanye West has attained 5,069.

16. A white boy in rap battles

Rap has always been identified with the Black-Americans. However, Eminem broke all protocols by emerging the winner in many rap battles.

Eminem made a name for himself in the music industry for bringing down African American rappers. And just like that, his music grew, putting him at the top spot.


Eminem has been rapping for many years now. He has a large fan base who are in love with his type of music.

From a humble background to the legend he is now, Eminem is indeed a lover to many. Hate him or like him, his music is here to stay.

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