20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Katy Perry. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Katy Perry. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

Katy Perry came to fame since her hit single, I Kissed a Girl. She is a bonafide superstar who is not afraid to take the world by storm.

Katy stands out for her memorable hits and killer vocals. She is one of the top female singers we have today.

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Katy Perry. Some Of Them Are Hard To Believe

You will love Katy Perry for her peculiar dressing. She is indeed a fashionista who is out to make a statement.

Forget what you think you know about this amazing singer. Let us look at other facts about Katy Perry that you will find hard to believe.

1. Divorced through a text message

Some things are just heartbreaking. Katy’s alleged soulmate Russel Brand asked for a divorce via a text.

Who does that! Russell is quoted saying he could no longer remain married to Katy. He cited that she had changed to a person he hated. 

2. Adores Asian food

If there is something Katy enjoys is tasty meals. That is why she is an avid Asian food lover.

She loves indulging in yellowtail sashimi and crispy beef. Sorry if you thought she is the kind of girl on a calorie count.

3. Gospel singer

I don’t know how you will take this one. Katy started singing as a gospel artist. Can you believe that!

For someone with her style of singing, it is unbelievable that she sang in a gospel choir. Gospel is the only genre she could listen to when growing up.

4. She is into transcendental meditation

Katy takes transcendental meditation very seriously. She says it has been a complete game-changer in her life.

Twice a day, Katy gets to a state that helps her picture a bright light. This is achieved when her neuropathways are opened.

5. Same tracksuit 

Katy has this habit of wearing the same tracksuit daily. You may wonder why she does this.

Well, she does this to confuse the paparazzi. With the same Adidas tracksuit, they can’t recognize her easily.

6. She believes in aliens

If you asked Katy, she would tell you that aliens actually exist. When some of us hear about aliens in movies, Katy believes they are real.

She believes that we are not the only life form. So, to her, the alien story is not a conspiracy.

7. Disappointed her family

Katy’s family has always been conservative. When Katy released one of her songs, ‘I kissed a girl,’ her family was very disappointed.

Her family stated that the song promoted homosexuality that was an abomination in her family. They have also not agreed with the revealing clothes Katy puts on.

8. She never finished high school

It is a fact that Katy is a high-school dropout. She decided at 15 she had enough of books and decided to focus on music.

She is, however, quoted as saying she wished she had an education. Who knows, she can go back to school; it’s never too late to study.

9. Katy’s suicidal thoughts

We all have our demons that we fight with, and Katy Perry is no different. She may seem like she has it all together, but that is not the case.

In 2017, Katy got so emotional in a live stream with fans. She talked of her battle with depression and alcoholism that made her have suicidal thoughts.

10. Pretty famous Pets

Katy is an animal lover. She owns two dogs, named Butters and Nugget.

She also has a cat she calls Kitty Purry. What stands out is the fame these pets have received that can match Katy’s.

11. Could she be a midwife?

Katy is a lot of things, and a midwife, well, who knows it can be added to the list. In 2016, she bravely helped deliver her sister’s baby.

Playing midwife was one of the most fascinating things to happen to her. Evidently, this star is courageous and extremely brave.

12. Birthday with Michelle Obama

Katy indeed dines and wines with the famous people in the world. It was a plus for her when she celebrated her 28th with Michelle Obama.

Having lunch with the First Lady remains vivid in her mind. She says it’s an experience she will never forget.

13. VIP Disney pass

You may not believe it, but Katy has a Disney pass. Her obsession with Disney made her win the pass.

Katy is an exclusive VIP pass owner to Club 33. This a restaurant in Disneyland meant for members only.

14. 100 million Twitter followers

Katy has a crazy fan following. In 2017 sometimes in June, her Twitter followers skyrocketed to 100 million.

She was the only one to have that kind of Twitter followers. Katy Superseded Justin Bieber, Barrack Obama, and Donald Trump.

15. She owns Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift’s hair

This is extremely weird. That Katy has in her possession Miley and Taylor’s hair.

She is such a fan-girl that she kept the hair as a memoir from Taylor and Miley. And here you thought you know Katy Perry!

16. Katy still uses CD mixes

Katy has a very unique way of personalizing her music. She is known to still use CD mixes regardless of the outdated technology.

She loves making personalized CD mixes for each of her closest friends. Talk of a personal touch.

17. American Idol judge

Katy was approached to be one of the judges on the 12th season of American Idol. She turned down the offer.

She said no to $20 million, which she would have been paid for being a job. Katy wanted to focus on her personal projects.

18. Tattoo for her albums

For every album Katy has released, she got a tattoo for it. Some of the tattoos are flavors either peppermint or strawberry. 

She once took a tattoo artist along with her on tour. This fascinated everyone on her crew at that time.

19. Jump rope for fitness

Do you know how Katy maintains her fit body? By using a jump rope.

That is the only rule Katy follows to stay fit. She loves jumping rope, and she does it anytime she feels like it.

20. Cleaning for fun

When asked what she likes doing for fun, Katy mentions cleaning. Unlike other celebrities, Katy would rather stay home cleaning.

She finds it enjoyable to wash the dishes. Vacuuming is also her idea of fun.


Katy Perry is a pop sensation without a doubt. She keeps releasing hit after hit making a significant impact in the music industry.

I know you can’t wait to see what this talented superstar will unveil next. What is certain is, she will not disappoint, for she never does.

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