Mirabai Starr Wikipedia: Facts To Learn About The Writer

Mirabai Starr Wikipedia: Facts To Learn About The Writer

Mirabai Starr lacks a Wikipedia page. She is widely known as the author of Caravan Of No Despair. Find more about the author in this article.

A renowned American author, Mirabai writes fiction, creative non-fiction, and contemporary literary translations.

Mirabai was acclaimed by St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila as critically acclaimed for her translation of the Dark Night of the Soul.

Mirabai Starr Wikipedia And Biography

Wikipedia is still not available to the author Mirabai Starr.

Mirabai is an author and speaker.

As a teenager, she was living at the Lama Foundation. For 20 years at Taos University, she taught philosophy and world religions. She is also a certified adviser and contributes to the transformation of loss.

Furthermore, Mirabai specializes in mysticism and contemplative practice and has spoken both domestically and internationally.

From 1989 until 1993, she was the founding professor of Chamisa Mesa School. In addition, for 12 years, she was co-founder of the Interspiritual Movement.

She is noted for Wild Mercy, God’s Mother Firelike, Bingen’s Hildegard, our Lady of Guadelette, etc.

Mirabai Starr Age: How Old Is She?

The current age of author Mirabai Starr is 60 years.

She was born and holds American nationality in New York, United States, in 1961.

Mirabai Starr Husband

Starr’s Mirabai married Jeff Little to her husband.

For over two decades now, they have been together.

The couple has four adult girls and six grandchildren between them.

The youngest daughter of Mirabai, Jenny, died in 2001 in a car crash. At that time, she was just fourteen years old. In addition, on the same day his daughter died, Mirabai published his own first book titled “The Translation of Dark Soul Night.”

She has experienced a deep connection between a deep loss and a longing for God following these two events.

It was an essential foundation of her spiritual life. When talking about her other family members, Mirabai’s parents were Jewish and did not approve of the institutionalized religion.

Her family was actively involved in Vietnam’s anti-war protest movement.

She’s got a younger brother and sister beside her parents. Mirabai and her family were uprooted and moved to New Mexico from their suburban lives.

The names of their parents and siblings are unknown.

Jeff is also active on Instagram, Mirabai’s husband. He seems passionate about gardening and plants, according to his account.

Mirabai Starr Twitter

Mirabai can be found on Twitter under the handle @MirabaiStarr.

She has posted 2274 tweets at the time of writing.

What Is Her Net Worth?

The verified net value of Mirabai is currently under review.

However, American authors have published many books, and both book critics and audiences receive positive reviews. Her income could therefore amount to a few hundred thousand dollars.