Missy Bevers Wikipedia

Terry "Missy" Bevers or Missy Bevers was a fitness instructor. 

She was born on 9 August 1970 in Graham, Texas, to James Clinton and Norma Strickland. 

Bevers has three children Allie, Hannah, and Sarah. In her family, she also has two siblings, Clint and Clifford Strickland.

Who Is Missy Bevers Husband Brendan Bevers?

Missy Bevers was a married woman who shared her household with a husband named Brendan Bevers.

Brendan even told the investigators that they had a wonderful married life. They later found that their married life was in a bad state due to financial issues and infidelity. 

The investigation went on to reveal that Missy was cheating on her husband. But, Brendan was very supportive and even helped authorities with the case, which eventually got his name cleared.

As of now, Missy's husband Brendan Bevers hasn't remarried; however, he has called off the search for his wife's murderer. He, now, wants to focus his time and energy on raising the children.

Update Missy Bevers Case: Is Her Murder Suspect Identified?

Missy Bevers, on 18 April 2016, died at the hands of a suspect who remains unidentified.

On her way to Creekside Church of Christ on East U.S. Highway 287 for a fitness boot camp confronted an attack that killed her. She had multiple head and chest injuries. Around 5 a.m. on the day of the incident, her students called the police after finding her unresponsive.

Although Bevers' murder suspect remains loose, we know a few things about the suspect from the church's CCTV footage. In the video, a person wearing clothes similar to SWAT roamed the church with a hammer while closing and opening doors. The suspect even broke open a door with the hammer.

The footage revealed that the person in question was about 5 feet 8 inches and limping while the feet pointed outward. That's all we know of the suspect, no identity, no nothing. 

Apart from that person, police also were interested in a vehicle, possibly a 2010-2012 Nissan Altima or 2010-2012 Infinity G37, seen in the surveillance cameras. The vehicle was in a parking lot near the church before the incident. It was driving slowly, blinking its headlights on and off before parking briefly.

It seems it will take quite some time to solve this murder mystery, but police have suspected a few people.

The police, after the incident, subpoenaed Missy's phone and found flirtatious/intimate conversations on Linkedin and strange messages from a man a few days before her death. Although police never publicized the name of the Linkedin users, they did tell that she knew the murderer.

Throughout the years, the list of possible suspects includes her father-in-law Randy and a former Lancaster police officer, Bobby Wayne Henry.

Her father went to dry cleaners with a blood-stained woman's shirt and had a similar physique to the person in the video and even walked with a limp. Nonetheless, there wasn't evidence against them, and the search for the suspect is ongoing.

Even her husband Brendan Bevers was considered a person of interest at one point.