Who Is Montez Rapper? Facts To Know About

Who Is Montez Rapper? Facts To Know About

Is rapper Montez on Wikipedia? No, he is not. He has become the primal focal point after releasing his new song that was hit and got placed as number one in the music chart. Explore more.

Montez was quite gone for a while until he released his new singles Whenever I want to go and Up and down in 2021 that got very much praised by his fans.

His single up and down has got more than  2 million views on Youtube after it got posted on 30 July 2021.

Montez Wikipedia

Montez has his profile on the Wikipedia page that lists his career details.

The rapper started writing his own song since he was a young boy. He won the Newcomer award in 2011 from the online platform Hippo.de and Juice, which was chosen by judges Kool Savas, Azad, Sido, and KIZ.

The rapper signed a deal with Essah Entertainment label under the Kool Savas one year after winning.

He released his first mixtapes in 2013 and later joined rapper Vega in 2015 under his label Taken by the Border. He then released his second project, Forever and Eh Away, in the autumn of 2015.

The German rapper then got his big break with Universal label and collaborated with fellow German musician Elif to release their song Always when I want to go.

The rapper achieved commercial success in 2021 after releasing his song Auf & Ab (Up & Down), which reached the number one position in the German singles chart and made it to chart position in Austria and Switzerland.

Montez Age

The rapper hasn’t disclosed his birthdate in public, but he is expected to be around 26 years of age.

The musician got drawn toward rap during his childhood and started writing his song at 13 and won the newcomer award when he was just 16 years old.

Despite being involved in rapping for so long, the rapper got his first single hit only later in his career.

Montez Real Name

Although he is famous for his stage name, the rapper’s real name is Luca Manuel Montesinos Gargallo.

Luca was born in Germany, but he has Spanish roots as well.

The rapper was inspired by the famous artist Eminem and wants his music to be melancholic and melodious like the famous American rapper.

Montez Girlfriend

The rapper hasn’t revealed whether he is single or he has a girlfriend.

He is usually famous for his collaborations with other artists, but his personal life has rarely appeared in public.

Gargallo doesn’t seem to be like a person who wants to be known for his private affairs. He is focused on making quality music and doesn’t want his music career overshadowed by his personal life.

Find Him On Instagram

Montez is on Instagram as @montez.official.

His verified page has over 39 thousand followers. The rapper’s homepage is full of posts related to his music and its promotion.

Besides his hit single, he is also busy promoting his song that he collaborated with German Turkish artist Elif.