15 Movies That Were Complete Box-Office Flop With Big Budget

15 Movies That Were Complete Box-Office Flop With Big Budget

Not every movie that is produced ends up a success. Others fail miserably.

Any film that fails to meet the expected profit after its release is considered a flop. Also, if a film is not embraced well by the audience, it is a flop.

15 Movies That Were Complete Box-Office Flop With Big Budget

A film that does not appeal to people’s hearts is considered a box office flop. Many movies have been released but don’t meet the expectation in the market.

Here is a compiled list of movies that were a box-office flop.

1. The Lone Ranger

Budget: $225 million 

Loss: $98 million

The Lone Ranger should have been a box office gold. But it wasn’t

Costs were skyrocketing as production kept on failing. The entire production was put to an end before its completion.

Finally, the film was released. The audience did not love it at all.

2. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Budget: $60 million 

Loss: $125 million

This was a DreamWorks animated movie filled with superstars. However, even with that, the movie went under.

The old-fashioned cartoons production was a no-no. It is one of the reasons the movie drowned.

This movie costed DreamWorks dearly to the point of sinking.

3. The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Budget: $100 million 

Loss: $96 million

You don’t expect any movie starring Eddie Murphy to be a flop. However, this was.

Many critics have termed The Adventures of Pluto Nash a terrible movie. It was meant to be a sci-fi comedy, but that did not happen.

Everything about the movie was off. Starting from the script to the visual effects.

4. John Carter

Budget: $263 million 

Loss: $122 million

John Carter tops the list of Disney’s flops. This 2012 sci-fi action movie was a costly flop.

One of the things that made John Carter fail was its filming. It was filmed as an animated movie rather than live-action.

A lot of money was pumped into this film. Even with all that, it didn’t make the company any profit.

5. 47 Ronin

Budget: $175 million 

Loss: $98 million

What might have made this film a big flop is the director. He had not filmed such a movie before.

A first-time feature-film director Carl Rinsch given a fat cheque. The results were a failed movie.

Though this movie starred prominent actor Keanu Reeves, it was least acclaimed.

6. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Budget: $175 million 

Loss: $150 million

This movie was not successful as Warner Bros thought it would be. The featured actor for the main role didn’t make things right either.

Surprisingly, Guy Ritchie, who was the star, came in with a high budget. He was paid handsomely but made the movie a loss. 

7. Stealth

Budget: $135 million 

Loss: $96 million

If you have never heard of this movie, I won’t hold it against you. The movie featured rising stars and still ended up a flop.

Honestly, this movie did not face any production issues. But upon its release, it crashed terribly.

8. Titan AE

Budget: $90 million 

Loss: $100 million

Fox Animation Studios had decided on a movie venturing into space. If they only knew how unsuccessful the movie would be!

It is one of the movies that took Fox Animation Studios on its knees. Ten days after the movie was released, it collapsed.

9. Mars Needs Moms

Budget: $150 million 

Loss: $100 million

Upon its release, this movie received a lot of negative reviews. Disney had totally failed.

$150 million was used on this movie. It didn’t give back the returns it was expected.

Disney should have known better than to invest so much in this film.

10. Monster Trucks

Budget: $125 million 

Loss: $115 million

When Paramount Pictures released this film, it received a lot of negative reviews. It was a box-office flop.

Monster Trucks’ budget was $125 million budget. However, it grossed $64 million globally, making a huge loss.

11. Evan Almighty 

Budget: $175 million

Loss: $90 million

Evan Almighty was one of the most expensive comedies ever made in Hollywood. Bruce Almighty came out prior, but it was a total hit.

Many termed Evan Almighty as a terrible comedy. The plot was cliché with nothing interesting.

It is also said the cast wasn’t humorous. The movie did cost a lot, yes, but it went under.

12. Sahara 

Budget: $130 million

Loss: $105 million

A movie that has issues before its release says a lot. How can such a movie succeed!!!

This is what happened to this film. Everything was going the wrong way before its release.

Through this movie, a new franchise was to kick off. This didn’t happen at all.

13. Peter Pan

Budget: $100 million

Loss: $4.7 million 

The movie Peter Pan did not mine for box-office gold as expected. One of the reasons this film failed was the lack of big stars.

Hugh Jackman was the only movie star in the cast. Also, the audience was not interested in a live-action Peter Pan movie.

14. Ali

Budget: $109 million

Loss: $21.3 million

Ali was taken down from release on February 14, 2002.  The domestic gross was highly affected.

Though this film featured international stars, it was a big flop. It didn’t perform as expected even after it was eventually released.

15. Cats

Budget: $100 million

Loss: $24.5 million 

Everyone who saw the trailer of this movie lost their mind. It was not a movie they were interested in watching.

From the word go, the movie was a failure. The reason being poor reception.

The movie did not meet the audience’s expectations. It clawed its way down the box office.


Plenty of blockbuster movies hit the billion-dollar mark around the globe. They make everyone involved a great fortune.

Now take the movies that extremely expensive to make yet end up as total disappointments. Those are the movies we have been describing.

It is evident that even a prominent star cannot take a movie to the top by just being in it. A lot is usually at stake for a movie to make it big in the industry. 

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