Find Nancy Regula On Twitter

Nancy does not use any social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram, etc.

However, due to recent elections about the Mayor post in New York City, her husband can be seen on Twitter in politics-related matters.

On the other hand, her husband Curtis is available on mostly all types of social sites as he is in need of promotion for his Mayoral election.

He can be found on Twitter as @CurtisSliwa and also on Instagram as @curtissilwaformayor.


Nancy Regula Net Worth

Nancy Regula's net worth has not been explored yet.

She is an attorney and animal rights activist, in 2018. She is also running an animal welfare platform for the purpose of their protection and care.

Meanwhile, Curtis is believed to have a great amount of net worth which is probably in the millions. He is a successful politician.

Nancy Regula: Curtis Sliwa Wife

Nancy is the wife of Curtis Silwa and they married in the year 2018. 

Her husband does not need any introduction as he is the founder and chief executive officer of the Guardian Angels, a nonprofit organization for unarmed crime prevention.

Individually talking about Nancy, she is a legal consultant for the Alliance of Guardian Angels & advisor on branding, marketing, and social media.

More details about her husband can be gained through the Wikipedia site. However, Nancy does not have a Wikipedia profile yet.

Nancy Regula Family And Bio

Nancy with her husband and family are living together in the United States.

The radio/TV personality and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Silwa married attorney Nancy on her 35th birthday in 2018.

This marriage was Silwa's fourth and Regula's first. They wed at the Howe Caverns in Update NY where it was reported cool 55 degrees in the cave.

Speaking of their children, they do not have a child together, but Silwa has a child named Anthony Chester with his third wife Mary Galda.