Who Is Nat Edwards AFL?

Nat Edwards presents various AFL and AFLW shows.

In March 2014, she started working as a Journalist, Presenter, and Editorial Producer in the AFL Media shows. Additionally, she now also serves as the Managing Editor and leads the AFLW content team.

Not only does Nat deliver daily AFL news to the fans but also updates them with the analysis. In fact, she has been active in this field since 2006. Edwards’ talents know no bounds as she has had the experience of hosting on-stage interviews and various panel discussions.

Nat Edwards Age Wiki

Nat Edward’s age falls between 30-35 years old.

Since the exact details regarding her birth have not been made public, an estimation about her age has been made. Similarly, the estimation is based on her career progression.

We might not have all the details regarding her age, but we do know that she celebrates her birthday on August 7 every year.

Nat Edwards’ bio has not been published on Wikipedia. You can, however, find her profile on LinkedIn. As Nat is recognized as one of the best presenters in Australia, she has managed to inspire people of different age groups.

On the other hand, Edwards’ attended the Presbyterian Ladies College and completed year 12 VCE studies with an ENTER score of 99.15. She joined RMIT University in 2006 and obtained Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism.

In fact, she has received the Ormsby Wilkins Memorial Prize.

Nat Edwards Husband

Nat Edward’s husband is Shea Steinkellner. He is a big Arsenal fan according to Nat’s tweets. In fact, Shea celebrated his birthday last month. Nat also wished him through an Instagram post adorned with a very thoughtful caption.

Nat Edwards Instagram & Salary

Nat Edwards can be found on Instagram as @natedwards_afl. Her bio states that she loves donuts and cats.

Moving on, Nat’s Salary has not been made public. We will update you with the info as soon as it becomes available.