What Is Cal Bowdler Net Worth?

The verified net worth of Cal Bowdler is not disclosed. 

However, he may have made at least a few hundred thousand dollars during his playing career. 

Cal Bowdler Age Explored- How Old Is He?

Cal Bowdler, age 44, was born on 31st March 1977 in Sharps, Virginia. 

The 6 feet 10 inches retired player is a graduate of Rappahannock High School and Old Dominion University. 

NBA Player: Who Is Cal Bowdler Wife Brooke Bowdler?

Cal Bowdler's wife is Brooke Bowdler. 

Her full name is Brooklin Tamara Bowdler and is active on Facebook under the same name. According to The Virginia Pilot, his wife is a former model and aspiring actress. 

Cal was 23 years old when he first met the then 18-year-old Brooke. She had three kids in her 20s and was a drug addict. 

Brooke's struggle began with methamphetamine and heroin addiction in 2003  and continued for a long period of time. 

Bowdler gave birth to their kid, a daughter Rachel, in September 2001. He signed on for the 2002 season and the couple moved to Italy with their daughter. 

However, Brooke returned to Atlanta with their daughter after getting frustrated with Bowdler's absences. She started her modeling career once again but got hooked on drugs. 

Bowdler attempted multiple interventions and got her into the rehabilitation center three times but to no avail. He was hopeful that he'd get her out of the mess.

He attempted one last strategy and walked away from her in the hope she would come to him. And, she did.

Brooke then willingly spent three months in a Christian-based crisis center in Columbus. She transferred to the Christian home in Valdosta and lived with three other addicts.  

As of now, the couple is happy with their kids and Brooke often shares pictures with them on her social media.