Who Is Maddy Gordon? Details To Know About The Netball Players From New Zealand National Team

Who Is Maddy Gordon? Details To Know About The Netball Players From New Zealand National Team

Maddy Gordon, a Netball Player, is a young age player from the Silver Ferns team. The newcomer player has set a stunning impact through her skills on the team members. You might be eager to know more about Maddy Gordon. If yes, then visit the article.

Maddy Gordon, the newcomer, recently joined the Silver Ferns Team by the year 2020-2021. The player in the position of center, Wing Defense in the current team called Pulse.

She is the only newcomer in 2020-21 who has made a great impact on the team members as well as on the audience through her amazing skills.

Currently, she plays for the team Pulse as a mid-counter and is from New Zealand.

Netball Maddy Gordon Age: How Old Is She?

As recorded in Draft Central, the netball player Maddy Gordon is at the age of 20.

At a very young age,s the player has shown on the ANZ Premiership stage last year as a young mid-counter. The player has plenty of potentials even though she is young.

She succeeds to achieve her dream of being a netball player at such age of her early 20s because of her passion and her parents’ supports.

The 20 years-old lady offers tenacity and excitement around the court. She is always in position moving and searching for her next moves.

Maddy Gordon Wikipedia

Maddy Gordon is not available on Wikipedia but is available on many sports websites.

On the official site of SilverFans, she has been introduced as the only newcomer in the 2020-21 Silver Ferns squad.

She is one of the players who made a stunning impact in a short period of time. She had made a bold decision of moving to Wellington from Auckland.

in 2018, she found comfort in the Central Manawa Beko team, and become a regular starter for the Pulse in 2020.

As recorded, she is an active player who is always ready to take her next step for the game.

Maddy Gordon Boyfriend & Parents

Maddy Gordon was born and raised under supportive parents and probably has a supportive boyfriend like her parents.

The information about her parents and boyfriend is not recorded on social media. Probably, she wants to keep them in secret.

Parents and families are responsible for the protection of their children. Parents can sacrifice anything for their children.

Since she is young and focussing on her career, she might not have a boyfriend. But It is unclear about her love life. 

She might have previous relations which are not recorded. 

Meet Maddy Gordon On Instagram

Meet Maddy Gordon on her Instagram account under the username @maddygordon_, along with 8.3k followers.

She introduces herself as an athlete, whangarei//welly, pulse#55, and silver #177.

She is active on social media and usually posts relating to her daily activities. We can follow her on her Instagram for information regarding her personal life.