Netflix: Does The Cat Die In 1BR? What happens To The Cat In ‘1BR’ Explained:

Netflix: Does The Cat Die In 1BR? What happens To The Cat In ‘1BR’ Explained:

Does The Cat Die In 1BR? Modern horror film 1BR became the talk of the town after its release in 2019. Horror films and pop-culture go hand in hand, classics like Scream, The Shining, etc are still relevant to this day years after their release and some scenes from these films are even more famous than the movie itself. 

1BR’s “here’s Johnny” moment or the scene that became a classic from the film was when her cat and the only loyal companion in her life mysteriously disappears. A scene that left fans wondering did the cat die? Read more to find out

As one of the defining horror films of the modern era, the gritty and at times upsetting film can be compared to the likes of Hereditary. 

Does the cat die in 1BR?

Well, yes, the lead character’s only friend is a cat that she took with her while moving into her new apartment.

In one of the scenes, she wakes up to find the smoke alarm set off and as she investigates the sources of the smoke, she finds a note on her over which is running and burning something inside. 

The note tells her that her building has a strict no-pet policy. She opens the oven and finds something completely charred but the exposition doesn’t tell us if it is the cat but, the pet no longer appears after this and it is implied that he is killed by her emotional reaction to the incident. 

1BR Netflix: Release Date

The film was released on 24 April 2020 in the USA. It has a runtime of 1 hour 30 minutes

1BR Netflix Cast:

One of the reasons the horror film is as effective is powerful and at times gut-wrenching performance by the cast.  The main cast consists of the following actors

  1. Nicole Brydon Bloom
  2. Giles Matthey
  3. Taylor Nichols
  4. Alan Blumenfeld
  5. Clayton Hoff

Nicole Brydon Bloom

Bloom is the lead character of the film, Sarah, everything revolves around her character and she portrays the fear horrifically. 

Sarah moves into a new apartment to start a new life and leave her old one behind. She starts unlocking the mystery of her new residence as her neighbors are not what they seem to be.

Giles Matthey

Australian actor Giles Matthey is a trained actor and a professional who has experience working as a theater actor and on-screen. Perhaps his biggest project was his minor role in 2019’s Ford v Ferrari. 

He has a huge fan following online and worked on some of the production most famous plays in London theater.  

Taylor Nichols

Taylor Nichols is one of the most experienced actors in the film. He is the police officer Jerry, in the movie and brings his experience to the super creepy character. 

He was part of the cast in the hugely successful Jurassic Park III. The star has been working as an actor for over 30 years. 

Alan Blumenfeld

Another one of the veteran actors in the film, Alan Blumenfeld plays Sarah’s father and has worked in theater since the early 1970s. 

He also founded the Free Association Theater and his wife is also a big part of this organization. The actor is still active in the New York scene. 

Clayton Hoff

Hoff got his acting chops from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Since then he has worked on various films as an actor, director, writer, and producer. 

His skills in the delivery of lines make it especially creepy. The whole tone of the film is increased by the actor. 

Plot And Premise

A new and fresh start is what the lead character of the film wants but her new apartment and neighbors are not what they seem. 

The plot takes the audience from the edge of the seat to the depths of disgust and disgust real quick. 

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