Netflix: Get Even Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

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Netflix: Get Even Cast, Release Date, Plot and Trailer Explained

Netflix’s show Get Even tackles bullying in a ’13 Reasons Why-esque” manner and has fans raving. The teen drama is one of the series to watch for fans of series like Riverdale. 

The 2020 series is getting fans on the edge of their seats or couches. Get Even has been adapted from the book of the same name and even fans of the book have praised the series which is rare.

When Will The Series Be Released?

Get Even will be released on Netflix on July 31 and will be globally streamable. Each episode will be 24–28 minutes long. 

It was originally released on the BBC iPlayer network on 14 February 2020. 

Plot & Premise

The drama will follow high-school teens Kitty Wei, Bree Deringer, Margot Rivers, and Olivia Hayes, as they expose the bullies of their school but things get a little sticky when murder is involved. 

The 4 teens form a group called Don’t Get Mad, Get Even (DGM). As a group, they start targeting the bullies one by one but things get a little sticky for them as one of the bullies dies because of their actions.

But wait, the girls are not the real murderers but have been framed by someone, a person close to them in fact. Now, they must tackle the repercussions of their actions while still trying to find the truth about Ronny’s murder. 

While the above is the main dish, the show also provides a lot of teenage drama including love, heartbreak, broken friendships, etc. on the side. 

Netflix: Get Even Season 1 Cast

Mia McKenna-Bruce, the British actress plays Bree Deringer, a spoiled rich brat. Mia gives a performance that will make you hate her in seconds

Bethany Antonia is Margot River on the show, her character is the gamer girl who is a loner and has very few friends.

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Philippines-born actress Kim Adis stars as Kitty Wei, who struggles with the pressure of achieving excellence and meeting her parents’ expectations. 

The stereotypical popular mean girl, Olivia Hayes is paid by Jessica Alexander. 

Mika Cavanaugh is the character whose private photos are leaked online and she is played by Tomb Raider child actress Emily Joanna Carey. 

Joe Flynn is cast as Ronny Kent, the typical self-entitled brat who steals Mika’s photos and releases them online. His death is pivotal to the plot moving forward. 

Some other actors on the show are Ayumi Spyrides, Priya Blackburn, Razan Nassar, Isaac Rouse, Kit Clarke, etc.

Ratings And Reception

The series has been well received all over the world. Get Even has gotten a lot of praise for its portrayal of dark problems that modern students face. 

Bullying and subsequent mental health issues have been portrayed decently on the show. IMDb rated the show 6.8/10 and each episode has been rated 6.3/10. 

The latter episodes of the show have been rated more than 7.8 and some have even gotten 8.2/10. Many critics have also praised the overall composure of the show and the way it has been executed. 


The trailer for the show was first released by BBC on 11 February 2020. Catch the trailer for the premiere season below.


Get Even: Is The Show’s Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled By Netflix?

As of July 2020, there has been no official news on the second season of the show. However, due to the popularity of the show, we can estimate that there will a second season in early 2021. 

Due to the stellar performances of the cast on the first season, they might return for a second season too provided that the lot doesn’t kill them off like the entitled character of Ronny,