Nicola Cowper : 10 Facts on EastEnders Actress

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Nicola Cowper : 10 Facts on EastEnders Actress

Nicola Cowper is a British professional actress. She is best known for the actress in ‘Eastenders‘, a BBC show. Her role on the show, ‘Rosie Miller‘ got very hyped up. Since then she started working on different film projects and television shows.

Some of her hit appearances include films such as ‘Dangerfield’, ‘Underworld’, and ‘Winter Fight’. Know more about Nicola with interesting facts below.

Name Nicola Cowper
Birthday December 21, 1967
Age 52
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Actress
Husband Tony McCann
Children 2

10 Facts on Nicola Cowper

  1. Nicola Cowper is a well-recognized actress born on December 21, 1967, in London, England. As of 2020, she is 52 years old and turning 53 this coming December.
  2. The actress is the younger sister of the popular twin actresses Gerry Cowper and Jackie Cowper. Being a sister of the lovely twin sister, she was loved by audiences.
  3. Cowper was in the trend for playing ‘Rosie Miller’ in the BBC show ‘EastEnders’. In the meantime, she used to be referred to as ‘the EastEnders actress’.
  4. Talking about her relationship, Nicola was in a long-term relationship with Tony McCann and got married. The exact date of their marriage is still not known.
  5. Tony McCann, the husband of Nicola, was a convicted armed robber who served a 15-year prison sentence for holding up a bank and stealing  £9,000 back in 1988.
  6. Gerry, the elder sister of Nicola, married Mark Foley, McCann’s accomplice in the robbery. However, they got separated later.
  7. Nicolas and McCann were blessed with twin daughters Dora and Tilly in 1999. Anyways, the twin sisters are not identical to each other.
  8. Back in 2008, McCann was found guilty of murdering a 33-year old man. Hw was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years imprisonment.
  9. Unfortunately, McCann took his last breath on 19 October 2020 in the prison and died of liver and kidney cancer.
  10. The actress is currently not available on any social media. She recently deactivated her Twitter account.

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