Does Totti Goldsmith Have A Wife? Gay Rumors Explained 

No, Tottie Goldsmith doesn't have a wife. 

Tottie was married to her husband, Steven Lee. Tottie has a child with her ex-husband Steven. Her given name is Layla Lee-Curtis.

Tottie was engaged to James Mayo in 2008; however, the couple split up.

Steven Lee is an alpine skier from Australia. He competed in the Winter Olympics in 1984, 1988, and 1992, and his competitive career lasted slightly over 25 years.

He is only the second of only three Australian skiers to win an Alpine World Cup race.

He has also worked as a sports commentator for Channels 7, 9, and 10, co-owns Chill Factor magazine, and is the president and national selector of Falls Creek Race Club.

He has appeared in films alongside Roger Moore and Jackie Chan.

Tottie Goldsmith- Scandal and Drug Cocaine

Tottie Goldsmith has spoken about having narcotics discovered in her suitcase at a festival, crying as she identified the celebrity who has a lot to account for.

Fans reacted angrily after narcotics were discovered in Tottie's bag. While attending a music event in Portsea, cocaine was discovered in her makeup bag.

Although she was not charged, the incident impacted her life. Tottie maintained that the medications were not hers.

Tottie, a contestant on I'm A Celeb, chastised Derryn Hinch for his comments. She talked about the incident and how it affected her career in one of the episodes.

A little quantity of cocaine was discovered in Goldsmith's makeup bag at a Portsea music event in 2011, which she said belonged to a male partner.

While the unknown male revealed to authorities that he was responsible for the narcotics and no charges were filed, the Chantoozies singer, actress, and Olivia Newton-niece John's said her name was leaked to the press, which caused a number of her bookings to dry up.

Tottie Goldsmith Career- what Was Her Profession?

Tottie Goldsmith had appearances in Australian soap operas such as The Young Doctors, Starting, and Prisoner, and panel shows like All-Star Squares in the early 1980s.

She was known as a sex symbol early in her career, and in August 1996, she posed naked for the art journal Black+White. Goldsmith hosted Sex/Life, a Network Ten show, in the mid-1990s.

She later appeared in the drama series Fire, the police drama Blue Heelers, and The Secret Life of Us.

In the late 1990s, she co-hosted a breakfast show on Melbourne radio station TTFM, replacing Nicky Buckley. Goldsmith was the opening act at the 2010 Antenna Awards.

She starred as Janet in The Arena Spectacular of Grease the Musical and The Arena Spectacular of Grease the Musical.