NZCA Lines Pure Luxury Album Review, Band Members, Song and Lyrics Explained

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NZCA Lines Pure Luxury Album Review, Band Members, Song and Lyrics Explained

British musician NZCA Lines – Pure Luxury is the latest album dropped by the band. This is the music creators’ first album since their hit record ‘Infinite Summer’, came out 4 years ago. 

Often confused with a band, NZCA Lines is a solo project by multi-talented instrumentalist and composer Michael Lovett. Almost all the work on his albums is done by himself, read more to find out more

NZCA Lines Album – Pure Luxury Release Date, Song and Tracklist

After a 4 year wait, fans of NZCA Lines will get their album on July 10, 2020. the record consists of 9 tracks, they are:

Pure Luxury

  1. Real Good Time
  2. Prisoner of Love
  3. For Your Love
  4. Take This Apart
  5. Opening Night
  6. Larsen
  7. Primp & Shine
  8. Tonight Is All That Really Matters

The whole record was written and produced by Michael but features numerous collaborators.  

Reviews And Ratings 

The album has gotten numerous rave reviews, critics like Rough Trade have been able to listen and review the album. 

Many have called the album reflective of the creator and his work, the music has tones of loneliness and anxiety that a man who is alone has to face. 

In addition to this, the music is also diverse ranging wide and venturing far from what the artist had released. Michael also tried to branch out and create new types of music besides the big analog synth. 

Similarly, Narc Magazine also rated the album around 3.5/5, stating that the album has all the synth-pop and groove-addled bass that is the signature style of the artist. 

The Line Of Best Fit, has also praised the album saying 

“​​Excess is order of the day on Pure LuxuryNZCA LINES, the brainchild of Michael Lovett, continues to engineer undiluted electro-pop – masking the woes of a fractured world under the garb of summer-ready sheen.”

The Name Reflects The Theme of The Album

Pure Luxury, tried to provide listeners with the experience of the extra and the extravagant, he follows the traditional norms of luxury, ones that are of material excess and hype. 

Status and money are also one of the central eels given by the album, the title track also depicts luxury right from the get-go but in the unique style Lovett is known for. 

The lyrics of the title album also show the extravagance everyone wants, some sarcasm is also thrown into the mix when the lyrics tell how it’s all about scented essential oils, exorbitant sheets, and your social circle. 

The latter of the song also discusses how money and luxury get to the head and affects the mentality of someone. The singer also tells how when someone gets to the top that’s all they want, they want more and never want to go back down. 

In addition to this, he also uses an analogy of an ivory tower to express the human race’s desire for socioeconomic success. 

About NZCA Lines: Members

Michael Lovett created this project, he created this project as a pop venture and synth venture into music. he was the former vocalist of Your Twenties. The name is based on the Peruvian geoglyphs.

The inspiration of the artist is diverse and ranges from Stravinsky and Ciara. 

Over the years, big names like Charlie Alex March, Ash Workman, etc. also worked with the artist in the project.  

NZCA Lines has released 3 albums, the first album is NZCA/Lines, which came out in 2012. The record was released via the label ‘Loaf’ and was rated 4/5 by audiences all over the world.

Then in 2016, Infinite Summer came out which was also a decent success, this time the album was released through “Memphis Industries”. The ratings for this album was were also good, audience ratings on All Music are 3.5/5.