Obituary: Jasmine Kenny Death Cause Exposed

It came as shocking news for Jasmine Kenny's fans when they found that the model was no more with us.

As per the investigation, the tragic died was caused due to the lack of oxygen in her brain.

Now, police have suspected Jasmine's husband Richard Burke for her murder. Her husband killed her at her Co Donegal home.

Jasmine Kenny's was married to 27-year- old Richard Burke. They also shared two children.

As per sources, Jasmine had also called the police a few minutes before her death in the outskirts of Killygordon, Ireland.

The investigation on Jasmine Kenny's death is currently ongoing and opened at Letterkenny Corner's Court on Wednesday.

Jasmine's body was taken for a post mortem at Letterkenny General Hospital at around 3 pm. In the post mortem, it was found that she died of cerebral anoxia.

Dr Denies McCauley, in charge of Kenny's post mortem, stated that he attended Ms McMongale's home and declared her death. He further said that Jasmine had been his patient for many years.

Exeter Student Jasmine Kenny Passed Away

On 10 June 2020, the criminal trial about Jasmine'death was started.

The Director of Public Prosecutions officer said that there was an extensive waiting list for criminal trials on Jasmine's murder case.

Dr McCausley has agreed to help in the further investigation of Jasmine's murder case in March 2021.

Jasmine Kenny' family are appealing for the justice of their daughter. The family members were present in the court for the hearing.

Jasmine's mother Jacqueline was also there in the court, but she did not speak a single word.

We pray our deep condolence to Jasmine Kenny's family and friends through this article.