Obituary: Who Is Madison Klepesky? 

Madison Klepesky was a Philadelphia youngster who died in a car accident on December 4th.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol's investigation into the collision is still underway.

Madison Klepesky: Car Crash Death Victim Identified

Madison Klepesky has been identified as one of the car accident victims.

She was traveling with John Paul Gonzalez along the old Charleston Highway when they were involved in an accident that resulted in their demise. The youngsters were pronounced dead at the collision site, according to authorities.

Madison Klepesky Age 

The teenage Madison Klepesky's age was 18 years old when she passed away in a tragic accident. 

Disclosing Madison Klepesky Parents And Family 

Madison Klepesky's parents and family are going through a difficult time as a result of their daughter's death.

Likewise, Madison's brother, James Klepesky, issued a touching message in the wake of her sister's death.

 Madison's parents' identities are unknown, but his sister has set up a GoFundMe page in Madison's honor, appealing for donations.

James describes his sister as someone active, caring, and full of life. He also mentioned that she was close to the family.

Madison's mother, on the other hand, is devastated by the loss. Her daughter will be remembered during a memorial ceremony for children.