Odd Man Rush Movie Cast, Trailer, Release Date Plot and Review

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Odd Man Rush Movie Cast, Trailer, Release Date Plot and Review

Odd Man Rush is a memoir to ice-hockey and a special film for fans of the sport. The movie based on the book of the same name details the story of a former hopeful hockey player and his journey to the NHL.

The well-written film has the capacity to make people dream and a character-driven plot really sells the whole aesthetic of a hopeful and young coming of age story. The writer and former hockey star has written the story in a way in which his love for the game really shines through. 

Odd Man Rush Release Date

The movie will be released on September 1, 2020. It will be available to viewers on demand and also on some selected streaming platforms like iTunes and Amazon Prime. 

Odd Man Rush Cast

The ensemble of actors in the movie mostly consists of Canadian actors and some hockey fans too. Here is the main cast 

  1. Dylan Playfair
  2. Jack Mulhern
  3. Sissy Sheridan
  4. Caspar Phillipson
  5. Elektra Kilbey
  6. Bjørn Alexander
  7. Casper Andreas
  8. Trevor Gretzky

Dylan Playfair

Playfair is the son of a former professional NHL player and coach, Jim Playfair. Due to this, he grew up surrounded by hockey making him perfect for his role in the film. 


He has also played some hockey himself and is adept at the game. The star has worked on some hits like Disneys’ Descendants 2, and Netflix’s Haters Back Off and Travlers, etc. Sone of his most popular works includes the Letterkenny, a popular comedy series. 

Jack Mulhern

He plays the lead role in the film, while he may not have much experience with hockey he has played another lead role in another indie movie called Desert Guest. The star has also worked a Netflix show called The Society. 

He was paid $30,000 for his work on the Netflix show since then he has starred in various small productions on-stage and on-screen. 

Caspar Phillipson 

Phillipson is perhaps the most experienced actor on the indie flick, the 49-year-old started acting back in 1995 and has since become a respected thespian in the indie scene. 

He is especially popular for translating and voicing the English versions of films and other works into Danish and his uncanny resemblance to the former President John F. Kennedy. One of his best-known roles was as JFK in the 2016 film Jackie.  

Elektra Kilbey

While a rising star in her own right, she steals many of the scenes she is in. Her credits on-screen are also limited but she is touted as one of the standouts in the film. 

Bjørn Alexander

Nordic actor Bjørn Alexander has the role of Klas. He first came into popularity as the youngest anchor at Radio News when he was just 19.

In addition to being an actor, he is also a comedian and has done some incredibly popular parody songs. The arad winning celebrity his experience in European arts to this indie film. 


The whole story is based on the book, popularly known as Bill Keenan’s memoir to hockey and his true life story.  The premise outlines the journey of a hockey star who is touted as the next big star of hockey, as a matter of fact, he is on the fast-track to the NHL but things take a turn when he has to overcome many obstacles in order to play in the top league. 

The plot contains a lot of elements that consist of humor, drama, and grit. There is a lot of realism in the story and rightfully so as it is a direct work of a former hockey star. 

He chooses a life of hardship and rejects the glitz and glamour of the NHL for reasons made apparent by the film. 


Find the trailer for the movie below 

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