Who Are Odpixel's Parents?

Odpixel has not revealed anything about his parents to the public yet. OD started playing games from his childhood.

OD was employed by BTS again before being invited to commentate at TI5, where he once again established himself as a top-tier DotA 2 caster.

After TI5, OD joined Moonduck, where he worked alongside other celebrities like Zyori and SirActionSlacks, before returning to BTS in September 2016.

Odpixel Net Worth: Does He Have A Partner?

Odpixel being a world-class gamer has an estimated net worth between $1million to $5million.

Odpixel became famous after an event where, while OD was casting, the production team played the instrumental version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself."

OD took it in stride and started casting the following team fight to the music's beat: The following is a YouTube link.

The video has become one of the most popular DotA-related videos on YouTube, solidifying OD's status as a community figure.

Odpixel is currently unattached and without a girlfriend. However, according to some sources, he is presently dating Sheever, a Dota 2 host, pundit, and analyst. She is also a member of the Broadcast Team for Beyond The Summit.

He is very focused on his career and might not have time for someone else.

Is Odpixel On Wikipedia?

Odpixel has not been featured in a profile on Wikipedia.

Owen Davies started his DotA 2 caster career by casting local online UK competitions before founding PixelPipeline with his excellent friend WakeyPixel.

Before getting spotted by Beyond The Summit and being contracted to cast multiple worldwide tournament games, OD continued to release UK events, notably the well-known UK LANs epic.LAN and Insomnia.

ODPixel rose to prominence after a three-hour match between Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZZZ, during which he commentated virtually nonstop for the whole game, gaining accolades from fans and the community for his committed and relentless style.

Odpixel Height And Age Details

Odpixel is a 5-star gamer who stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches.

He was born on March 29, 1993, in The United Kingdom. As of 2021, he is 28 years old, and his star sign is Aries. 

Odpixel completed their High School education with Good Grades in the University.