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Olox AGT: Andreas Jones, Zarina Kopyrina

Olox is a form of union between two singers. It is a form of electronic sounds fused with heart rhythms. 

Name Olox
Nationality Siberian
Profession Singer
Instagram oloxofficial
Twitter Olox
Facebook Olox

Andrea Jones and Zarina Kopyrina are the duos of Olox. They were recently seen performing at the audition of America’s Got Talent Season 15. 

The duo was also seen performing in various others occasions and festivals. 

10 Facts on Olox Duo: Andreas Jones, Zarina Kopyrina

  1. Andreas Jones and Zarina Kopyrina are the duos of Olox who participated in the America’s Got talent. 
  2. Zarina Kopyrina was born in the year 1989 and is 31 years of age. Andreas also seems to be similar in age. But the actual birthdate of Andreas is unknown.
  3. The duo no doubt has earned some fortune. But their net worth nor the income details are available on the internet. But if we guess they are living a luxurious life traveling and performing in several places. 
  4. We do not know if the duo is married or not. But they have been performing together since the formation of Olox. They have kept their personal details away from the limelight.
  5. Talking about the duo parents’ details, there is not much found. However, they come from Sakha people. So no doubt their family is from the Sakha tribe. 
  6. Zarina completed her studies from University in Yakutsk in world economy and English. Andreas’ education details are unknown. 
  7. The Olox duo hails from Siberia Tundra. They hold the Siberian nationality. 
  8. Their music is a mixture of ethnic songs with a fusion of electronic sounds and heart rhythm. Zarina is also known to produce sounds of wind, birds, and animals. She is known for mimicking nature sounds. 
  9. The Olox duo was seen performing their unique music on the stage of America’s Got Talent (AGT) in its season 15. 
  10. The duos have an Instagram account with username @Olox which has 7539 followers.