Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife Melinda Barbaro? Find About His Family And Wife Details

Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife Melinda Barbaro? Find About His Family And Wife Details

The net worth of the Sydney notorious figure Pasquale Barbaro is speculated to be in the millions. Let’s explore some brief facts about him.

Pasquale aka Pasquale Timothy Barbaro was a infamous notorius crime figure.

The late gangster was assassinated in the Earlwood shooting back in 2016. Until this day, he is considered as one of the dangerous men in Sydney.

Reportedly, Barbaro had known links and connections to the Calabrian Mafia from Italy. In fact, Pasquale Barbaro is a known face and name to police and the criminal underworld.

Furthermore, a miniseries named Australian Gangster is created based on his life. The mini-series premiered just a day back on the 13th of September.

Pasquale Barbaro Net Worth 

The scandalous personality Barbaro’s net worth was estimated to be millions of dollars.

However, the precise details remain undetermined thus far. Pasquale, in fact, had kept insights of his assets far away from media scrutiny.

What Is Pasquale Barbaro Age?

Barbaro’s age was disclosed to be 35 years old at the occurrence of the incident.

If he were alive now, Barbaro would have been 40 years old as of this year. Furthermore, insights in regards to his introduction to the world remain unspecified.

Pasquale Barbaro Wife Melinda Barbaro 

Pasquale Barbaro was married to his wife Melinda Barbaro reported being a businesswoman by profession.

However, the marital relationship didn’t last long, and they separated their ways in 2013. Reportedly, the crime figure parted ways with his wife and two children.

After the death of Pasquale, she disclosed him to be a religious person.

He’d read the bible to the children and had a collection of religious statues, stated Melinda. Apparently, Barbaro was aware of impending death, for he bought a coffin a few days before he died.

Melinda isn’t happy about the making of a mini-series based on her late husband’s life.

According to her, the series might affect her children’s mental health. In addition, Melinda claimed Pasquale to be not involved with any gang.

Get To Know Pasquale Barbaro Family

The intriguing fact about Barbaro’s family is his grandfather, cousin, and uncle were all named Pasquale Barbaro.

In fact, all of them had a great reputation in the criminal underworld.

Barbaro’s grandfather was murdered in a gangland hit in Brisbane in 1990. Correspondingly, his cousin was reported to be murdered in a hit in Melbourne.

To conclude, Pasquale’s family has a history of having links with the notorious world.

Where Is Pasquale Barbaro Now? 

Pasquale isn’t among us, for he was announced dead after shooting by two men.

In fact, it’s quite confusing to which Pasquale people are referring. From grandfather to uncles to cousins, all of them have similar names, which has confused now and then.

That being said, grandfather, cousin, and a 35-year-old Pasquale have already left the world.