Past Life Regression TikTok Trend: How To Do ‘Past Life Regression Videos On TikTok’?

Past Life Regression TikTok Trend: How To Do ‘Past Life Regression Videos On TikTok’?

Past Life Regression on TikTok has been on trending for a while now. So, we are guessing that you might have bumped into a couple of videos with people who claim to have gone through the same experience. Now, for some, this journey to the past self might be liberating and eye-opening.

While it might be a daunting task for others as it can get a little scary. Only after you feel ready and comfortable with the whole process, you can give it a go. Otherwise, you might not know how to deal with it. So, don’t put pressure on yourself to take on this challenge just because it is trending on TikTok.

Past Life Regression TikTok Trend Explained

You might want to have a few things cleared out so that you can decide for yourself if this is something that you want to do. Even though the Past Life Regression is a TikTok trend, a lot of people might not be sure as to what it really means.

For those of you who have no clue, Past Life Regression is a procedure involving mostly either hypnosis or meditation to retrieve information of the past life. It takes you on a journey to the lives you have lived before that can be any time back.


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Although medical practitioners have criticized this method as unscientific, there are people who claimed to have experienced their past life by this method. And, the TikTokers also have shared their storytime of having known their previous lives’ information.

Likewise, in the hypnotic procedure, people get asked a series of questions. And, this is supposed to help manifest the events that took place in past life and makes people learn about their past. If done in the right manner, it might aid in self-discovery and spiritual growth as well.


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How To Do Past Life Regression Videos On TikTok?

If you guys are keen to know more about this then, it might do good by telling you how to do the Past Life Regression on TikTok. By now, there have been many Past Life Regression videos on TikTok. And, most of them look pretty legit as well. So, let us show you how one can make such a video.

Before you read our instructions and follow them, you might want to check out some of the YouTube videos regarding this. Maybe then, you can come back to read this article and the step by step guide down below that is solely based on Brian Weiss’  meditative session.

  1. Firstly, clear your thoughts and stay calm and comfortable because a disturbed or restless mind won’t let you do the job.
  2. Now, keep your eyes closed and let your relaxed mind find the light that will help you heal.
  3. You need to witness whatever comes into awareness and keep remembering.
  4. To go further deeper into the memory, you can take a few long deep breaths and concentrate. And, keep paying attention to details.

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If in this process, you feel uncomfortable or scared, you can calm yourself down by pleasant memories. And, go back to it after a while. Or, if you want to make this process short and sweet, you can take a look at a few tarot card reading of past life.

#Pastliferegression videos on TikTok

The videos with hashtag #pastliferegression on TikTok has amassed about 9.2 million views already. This just goes to show how this challenge has become a whole new trend. And, it seems like a lot of people are trying to keep up with this challenge. However, we don’t know it for a fact if the storytime of their past life is true or not.

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