Who Is Pastor E Dewey Smith? Everything To Know About Profession Of Musical Artist

Who Is Pastor E Dewey Smith? Everything To Know About Profession Of Musical Artist

Dr. E. Dewey Smith is the Senior Church leader at The House of Hope Atlanta and Macon. He is also a professional musical artist and a record producer.

Pastor E Dewey Smith is an Atlanta-based community leader and music and media producer.

For the past 30 years, he has served as a gospel minister. He began preaching when he was 17 years old and became a spiritual ministry at the young age of 19 years.

Church Pastor E Dewey Smith Scandal Explained 

In recent years, the name of Pastor E Dewey Smith has been linked with a few scandals.  

In early 2018,  He was accused of denying blessing a female member’s kid because she was married to another woman. Following the incident, many people even labeled him as homophobic.

But, Pastor E Dewey Smith addressed his mistake and publicly apologized for it. 

On the other hand, A woman reported being raped by an Atlanta megachurch staff person, and the ministry was attempting to cover it up.

However, Pastor Smith has always denied the case and referred to it as a legal conspiracy to demoralize him.

Pastor E Dewey Smith Wikipedia Bio Details

As per the Wikipedia bio of Pastor E Dewey Smith, he was born and raised in Macon, Georgia, USA. 

Pastor Smith completed his bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College, Liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia. He was also named a “Distinguished Preacher” by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Council of Preachers at his College.

He subsequently went to Amridge University, a private Christian university affiliated with the Churches of Christ, to get his master’s degree.

Pastor Smith also has a doctorate in ministry from the United Theological Seminary, an independent school in Dayton, Ohio.

Pastor Smith is also engaged in multimedia, cinema, and tv production on a professional level. He has been producing media and cinema for almost thirty years. 

What Is Pastor E Dewey Smith Age?

Pastor E Dewey Smith is currently 55-65 years of age. 

Smith seems to have a strong desire to address the issues that afflict society and the individuals he serves.

As a result, he has initiated a number of programs that have had a serious influence.

Moreover, He has been heavily involved in prison reform, re-entry projects, social work, and community building all through his ministry.

His congregation is one of very few in the country that owns an outreach program as well as two dwellings that house and embolden sufferers of human trafficking.

Meet Pastor E Dewey Smith Wife On Instagram

The wife of Pastor E Dewey Smith frequently features on his Instagram account. 

Smith is married to Andrea Smith, who has been his best companion for almost 30 years.

The pair is blessed with two young and handsome sons whose names are Kamari Elijah and Kylen Isaiah.

Pastor E Dewey Smith Net Worth Details

The estimated net worth of Pastor E Dewey Smith is approximately $1 million. 

Pastor E Dewey Smith is a well-known figure in his community and the Senior Pastor of two churches with a combined membership of over 15,000 people.

He is also a successful musician and media producer, having worked on a number of talk shows and podcasts.

So, it is clear that he has garnered sufficient resources to finance himself and his family.