How Old Is Elisabet Gianna Gasol? Meet The Daughter Of NBA Star Pau Gasol And Catherine Gasol

How Old Is Elisabet Gianna Gasol? Meet The Daughter Of NBA Star Pau Gasol And Catherine Gasol

Elisabet Gianna Gasol, the daughter of Pau Gasol and Cat Gasol is of age only one. Find out about the cute child princess of the basketball player below

Elisabet Gianna Gasol is notably known as the daughter of former NBA player Pau Gasol.

Pau Gasol is cited as a basketball legend. He played for the Chicago Bulls, Spurs, and LA Lakers. He recently announced his retirement to support his daughter and wife, Catherine and he reached his athletic age as well.

Gasol’s daughter Elisabet is already quite famous with a few public appearances and extravagant Instagram photos.

Pau Gasol And Cat Gasol Daughter Elisabet Gianna Gasol 

Pau Gasol announced the birth of his daughter, Elisabet Gianna Gasol with Cat Gasol on Twitter.

The couple is quite fond of sharing pictures with their baby and their married life too on social media. 

Pau Gasol named the middle name of his daughter in honour of the late daughter of his former colleague Kobe Bryant, Gianna. Gasol and Bryant were some of the best duos and also maintained an incredible friendship after leaving Bulls.

Pau and his wife Cat also decided to ask Vanessa, the previous wife of Kobe Bryant to be their daughter’s godmother. Vanessa graciously accepted the honour.

Elisabet Gianna Gasol Age: How Old Is Pau Gasol Daughter?

Elisabet Gianna Gasol, the daughter of Pau Gasol’s age is exactly 1 year and 26 days old. 

On the contrary, Elisabet’s father Pau Gasol is 41 years old and her mother, Catherine seems to be of age 32 years old.

Elisabet was born on 10th September 2020. She turned one year old just three weeks ago. The shots from her first birthday celebration is still fresh on her parents’ social media accounts.

As she is just in her young age now, it should be interesting to watch her grow old and see the person she would become.

Did Pau Gasol Retire?

Yes, as a matter of fact, Pau Gasol did retire. 

He retired from professionally playing basketball following his last match for FC Barcelona. Gasol announced his retirement in a public event held along with his former teammates and wife, Catherine.

Although Gasol retired from playing basketball, he will not leave the sport entirely. He will be active as an executive of various basketball committees.

Gasol will also work actively to promote female coach participation in NBA. So, even though Pau Gasol retired from playing basketball he did not retire from basketball as a sport.